The Batman is about the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Alfred

Greig Fraser has given interesting details about the movie The Batman and how it will address the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Alfred.

The movie of The Batman is a new adaptation of the legendary character from DC Comics. In a recent interview the director of photography for the film Greig Fraser, reiterated that the story is based on characters, but stressed that one in particular lives up to Bruce Wayne from Robert Pattinson, his trusty servant Alfred (Andy Serkis).

"Nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing, ”said Fraser for the first time when asked what he could say about the film. "I can tell you what some of the actors said. It is a movie The Batman is based on characters on the characters, on the relationship of the character of Andy Serkis and the character of Robert Pattinson. It's a very good script, like all Matt Reeves' scripts, it's very good and very well thought out. ”

Fraser continued: “We are having fun. We are doing our best. It is a lot of pressure. I don't think Matt takes movies without pressure. To do the American version of Let Me In, there was a lot of pressure. Making ape movies, which I think a lot of people have a lot of interest in, is a lot of pressure. So The Batman has a lot of pressure. He is brave, he is a brave director. ”

He continued to talk about Matt Reeves' career as a filmmaker.

Greig Fraser believes director Matt Reeves is the one to take on The Batman, pointing to his ability to create emotional stories starring characters who aren't even human. Fraser added: “Naturally, casting is a big part of this, but it is the job of a very, very good director to find emotion in things that are not emotional in nature. I am talking about animals, apes. He did a brilliant job with that. So I'm excited to be working with him currently on The Batman. ”

Like many other major film productions, filming for The Batman closed in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, and is expected to resume production soon. The Batman is scheduled to premiere on October 1, 2021. | Movies, comics and series