The Batman is inspired by these 3 movies from the 70s

The first and spectacular trailer of The Batman arrives and its director has explained that the film is based on three famous films of the 70s.

The director of The Batman, Matt reeves, spoke at length at the DC FanDome about his film based on the characters of DC Comics, and when asked which feature films had inspired the new story, he highlighted Chinatown (1974), Taxi driver (1976) and The French Connection (Against the drug empire - 1971).

“Chinatown was key, because in Chinatown, Jake Gittes (Jack Nicholson), investigating a series of crimes that were part of that history, discovers the depth of the corruption of Los Angeles. So in that way, The Batman is like a classic film noir movie. This series of murders that the Dark Knight is investigating are very much in that mode, "he said. Matt reeves, who emphasized that Batman does not have superpowers. He's just a man, albeit a man on a mission of revenge.

“Because the movie is a detective story, because The Batman is a thriller in this kind of police world, and because it's about corruption, we are treating this story as if this could have happened. Batman doesn't have the ability to have superhero powers, he just has a superhero focus and a superhero drive, ”Reeves explained.

It was inspired by more movies.

In addition to Chinatown, Reeves said The Batman's stark and flawed humanity "drew a lot of inspiration from those kinds of movies like French Connection ... Lots of '70s street stories." The director also cited Taxi driver and the way it describes a place and takes you inside the twisted head of its main character.

So the influence of the 70s prevails again, something that has already happened with the Joker and the end result was a tremendous box office success.

The Batman will hit theaters in 2021 and hopefully it is as spectacular as it looks. | Cinema, comics and series

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