The Batman: New Look At Colin Farrell's Surprising Look

Despite its release delay, The Batman continues to be the most anticipated film for DC fans. On this occasion, new images of the surprising characterization of Colin Farrell as El Pinguino came to light.

Unfortunately, The Batman joined the productions that had to change their premiere date because of the pandemic. In this way, fans of this DC character will have to wait longer to see this new story in the cinema. But in the meantime, they can enjoy the leaked footage of the shoot. On this occasion, the great protagonist is Colin Farrell and his surprising characterization as El Pinguino.

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The images that go around the internet show us Robert Pattinson and Colin Farrell filming scenes together. These photos are taken from a scene that takes place outside St Georges Hall in Liverpool. Through this sequence, we had the opportunity to observe again the unrecognizable face of Farrell, which we had already seen very little in the trailer for The Batman.

Completely unrecognizable

The photos from the set show us a scene that seems to be related to several of the scenes from the trailer for The Batman, which was presented during the DC FanDome. Apparently, a funeral will be very important within the plot of the film. As the pictures show, all the characters are in black, as if they are in mourning.

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Robert Pattinson can be seen wearing a wool coat and dark suit, while Colin Farrell looks unrecognizable as The Penguin. His transformation is due to the overweight he would have gained to give life to the character, as well as the talent of the special characterization artist Mike Marino, who stood out for working on films such as The Black Swan and I Am Leyenda. A few days ago, the first images of Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman were also shown. | Cinema, comics and series