The Batman: Peter Sarsgaard describes his character as "very intense"

The Batman does not stop giving us new details about its characters. This time, Peter Sarsgaard spoke about District Attorney Gil Colson, a character who will play in the new DC movie.

With the return of filming in the UK, the team behind The Batman has gotten to work to get to its scheduled release date on June 25, 2021 on time. We know that in the movie Matt Reeves well-known characters will appear for Batman fans such as Jim Gordon, Catwoman, Enigma, The Penguin and, of course, the superhero himself this time with the masked face of Robert Pattinson. However, the film will also feature some completely new characters, such as the district attorney Gil Colson, who interprets Peter Sarsgaard and it seems that it will have enough relevance in the plot.

In a recent interview with the Observer, Peter Sarsgaard has described his character in The Batman as "very intense", perhaps almost too much for the actor: "In a movie as big as this, my main concern was having to do the same shot 150 times, one intense scene after another. My character is 9 out of 10 in many of them and what was going through my head was "how do I maintain this level". Two theories revolve around the identity of the character, the first is that it is actually Harvey Dent, that is, Two Faces; while other people believe that Colson would be a version of a new character from Batman: The Animated Series named Gil Mason, another prosecutor in constant struggle with Commissioner Gordon (who this time will give life Jeffrey Wright).

These were not the last news we received about The Batman. A few weeks ago, her own Zoe Kravitz, that will give life to CatwomanHe revealed new details about his costume and what comic book he had to read to understand the person he is about to play. | Movies, comics and series