The Batman: Some fans propose Johnny Depp as the Joker

The Batman, the new movie that will join the DC Extended Universe, is generating high expectations. Now, several fans have decided to nominate Johnny Depp as the new Joker.

With Robert Pattinson giving life to a new Bruce Wayne in The Batman, it is quite difficult not to wonder who will be the new Joker. It is still not certain that another version is on the way, but after the emergence of a poster made by a fan in which it is seen Johnny Depp Like the clown, fans of the performer think that it could indeed be a potential option to put on their shoes.

The poster was made by the conceptual artist William Gray. In it we can see Johnny Depp like the Joker. It is a version that looks classic and respects the makeup of Cesar Romero's version. The material soon went viral and, passionate as they were, the fans of the actor began to comment on how ideal it would be for him to live the villain in the trilogy of The Batman, who will be in charge of Matt Reeves.

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Here is a quick 40-45 minute edit of @johnnydepp as the Joker in The Batman - Done in Photoshop. . . @ web.of.smiles @geekvibesnation @ skull101ify @jaxsonderr @anarchy_graphics @comicbook @bobatalks #thebatman #mattreeves #robertpattinson #batman #johnnydepp #joker #photoshop

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Would it be a good option?

The truth is Johnny Depp He has experience playing quite crazy characters and always brought them to perfection. Your collaborations with Tim Burton, who directed two bat movies are perhaps the best known. As the Mad Hatter has already seen him play someone with a broken mind, Charlie's disturbing smile and the Chocolate Factory could work too and we all know he's given the rogue by Captain Jack Sparrow.

On social media, fans talk about "the one touch" that Johnny Depp could hit the Joker in The Batman. Although he has had a difficult couple of years due to personal and legal problems with his ex-wife Amber HeardNo one denies that as artists he is a very talented man. If the character were within Reeves' plans, the competition for the role would be tough, since other actors such as Willem Dafoe tThey have also been suggested by fans as candidates they would like to see. Here we show you another fanart of the actor like the Joker and draw your conclusions. | Movies, comics and series