The Batman Theory: The Real Villains Are The Court Of Owls

An interesting theory about the movie The Batman states that the court of owls will appear and they will be the real villains in the shadows.

The spectacular trailer of The batman revealed on DC FanDome last month gave a lot of information, as it was the first time they showed the reboot of the Dark Knight. Among what stood out the most was Catwoman by Zoe Kravitz, The Penguin by Colin Farrell, The riddle by Paul Dano and, of course, to Robert Pattinson how Bruce wayne. Much of the plot is still being kept under wraps, but a small detail hidden in the trailer may have revealed the main villains of the film: the Court of Owls.

Here we leave you the trailer of The batman so you can enjoy it one more time. Then continue reading this interesting theory.

Once the trailer for The Batman is reviewed you can go to the minute 0:42. At that moment you can see the letter that The Riddler has left to the Dark Knight. Although very briefly on the cover you can see an owl, something that would give a very interesting clue to know what the film is about.

The Batman Theory: The Real Villains Are The Court Of Owls

Shadow villains run Gotham City.

In the trailer of The batman, we can say that The riddle he's trying to expose a giant conspiracy and appears to be killing members of Gotham's high society. In the comics, the Court of Owls It is made up of the rich and powerful of the city and it is possible that the criminal genius has discovered their existence and, with this letter, he is trying to get Batman to discover them too and destroy them.

Director Matt reeves has talked a lot about how The batman will focus on the deep corruption of Gotham. Given the presence of Carmine Falcone by John TurturroWe assume he was referring to criminal gangs vying for control of the city. However, the corruption could go even further, to reach the Court of Owls, a society that has existed since the beginning of Gotham and has ties to the Wayne family. They could also leave this subject open for a possible sequel, that is, that Batman pulls the strings until they discover them, but he will have to stop them in another movie.

The Batman will hit theaters on October 1, 2021. It will be at that moment when we will discover if the villains are the Court of Owls. | Cinema, comics and series