The Batman trailer explained

Matt Reeves' The Batman First Trailer Is Filled With Revelations About Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, And Enigma

The first trailer for Matt Reeves' The Batman is here, released during the DC FanDome, the movie is a new reboot of the character that is not connected to the most recent version of Ben Affleck, this Bruce Wayne is played by Robert Pattinson and still he is at the beginning of his career as a vigilante. The main villain of the film will be Enigma, played by Paul Dano, and Colin Farrell will also play the role of the Penguin. Production on The Batman had to be halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, but thankfully enough was filmed to provide footage for a great first trailer.

The Batman solo movie was originally scheduled to be written and directed by Ben Affleck, who would also reprise the title role. However, Affleck made the decision to walk away from the project entirely and allow a new story to be told, with a new Batman (although his DC Extended Universe version will return in the solo movie of The Flash). For fans who weren't in love with the older, tired Batman that was featured on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Batman could be the adaptation they are looking for.

However, that doesn't mean a lighter, happier Batman; if anything, Pattinson's depiction of the crusader in the cape appears to be even darker and more harrowing than Affleck's. Nonetheless, The Batman trailer sets itself apart from Batman's recent big-screen adventures by bringing him back to the streets of Gotham, where horrific murders are taking place. Here's our explanation of the trailer, the backstory, and the character reveals we've seen.

The story is confirmed to unfold today

Although at some point rumors were raised that The Batman would be set in the 1990s, the trailer for FanDome confirms that it is actually set today. The man Riddler is remotely holding hostage at the funeral has an iPhone taped to his hand, and later in the trailer, a gang member films Batman's brutal beating of his friend on a smartphone. This eliminates any chance that Bruce Wayne in The Batman is the same character we saw in Batman v Superman and Justice League, and Pattinson's version of the character is confirmed to exist in his own universe.

The death of Mayor Don Mitchell Jr.

Batman has been described as a detective movie noir, so naturally Enigma is a serial killer who uses his murders to make fun of Batman. The first murder victim we see in the trailer (as revealed in the newspaper clippings) is Mayor Don Mitchell Jr., a seemingly corrupt politician, if Riddler's “NO MORE LIES” graffiti is to be believed. In the scene where Riddler is kneeling on his inert body it is not clear if he is still alive at the time, but if he is, his death will be quite horrible as he has duct tape wrapped around his face until he suffocated. There is another intriguing business card at the crime scene (besides the literal card): Don's hand is adorned with a brown paper bag. What will he hide?

Enigma's business card and symbols

It appears that Batman was invited to the crime scene by the Gotham City police (or at least, Jim Gordon). But there's a good reason he's called in to investigate the crime personally: The Riddler left a card addressed to him. The cover of the card has a skeleton (possibly related to the face-painted thugs later in the trailer) and an owl (which could be setting up the Court of Owls, or is just an Easter egg referencing to the). The printed text on the card says: "You'll have to guess. Let's play a game, you, me and no one else." However, it is in the handwritten message that things get interesting.

The other side of the card, which is partially obscured, says: "What does a LIAR do when he is DEAD?" - for whose answer it would be: "He lies still." How do we know for sure? Because that's what the code says. It's a basic alphabetic substitution cipher, and looking at the number of symbols and the repeating symbols (the ones that correspond to “E” and “S”), it fits the answer to that particular puzzle. This also gives us nine letters of Enigma's alphabetic code, which will be helpful in solving more puzzles that may arise in the story.

riddle message

Eyes make up

The Batman trailer features two shots in which Bruce wears roughly smeared black makeup over his eyes. This is used to keep the black color of her hood on the skin around her eyes, as she has makeup on when she removes the hood in the Batcave. Eye makeup could also serve as a different way to hide her identity, as we see it worn in combination with a dark gray scarf that covers her mouth and nose. This may be an alternate vigilante look that Bruce uses when he has business to do, but he doesn't want to turn heads in his full Batman outfit. In fact, the next frame looks like a head is raised with a helmet and then he is seen arriving at the Wayne mansion with the helmet and a motorcycle. So it looks like you are seeing police statements to the media at a crime scene.

bruce wayne makeup

Death at a Funeral

Even in death, Mayor Mitchell cannot rest in peace. An important sequence in the trailer shows someone who has been forced to drive a car inside the church where the ceremony is being held. The rear of the vehicle has white paint graffiti that says “DOA” (separated by prison bars) and the man wears a necklace that could be a bomb, holds the phone and carries another “for Batman” card. The firing of an explosion on the funeral scene does not bode well for this poor man.

The batman takes place today

Catwoman commits a robbery at the crime scene

In the trailer for The Batman we can see Zoë Kravitz in the role of Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, although as explained by her director, she does not use her alias yet in the film and, naturally, is putting her thief skills to use to open a safe. In keeping with the film's more solid tone, Catwoman does not have a full-fledged cat costume, but a cloth mask with subtle spikes that resemble cat ears. Later in the trailer, Selina is shown using her fighting skills against Batman when he surprises her in the process. It appears that he may be entering the safe at the home of the late Mayor Don Mitchell Jr. because of the “crime scene do not pass” tapes seen in some stills.

crime scene

The Skeleton gang

An important scene in the trailer for The Batman is that the crusader in the cape faces a gang with black and white painted faces brutally beating one of them. This may be just another Gotham street gang, but there are indications that they are working for Riddler. Keep in mind that the card sent by Enigma has a skeleton and the faces of the gang are painted in the style of the skeletons of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. The car crashing into Mayor Mitchell's funeral also has white paint on it. Interestingly, the gang member that Batman beats up has makeup that looks a bit like the Joker's stretched grin, which, if this Batman has previously encountered the Joker, could be the motivation for relentless violence.

gang of skulls

Gotham Police vs Batman

The Gotham City Police Department may grudgingly tolerate Batman's presence at the crime scene, but clearly there is no love between them. There are several scenes in the trailer where Batman appears to be fighting with the police. In the first, he is in what looks like a corral locked up in the police department and is surrounded by dozens of police officers, attacking them until Jim Gordon stops him. In another scene, he uses his grappling hook to climb a ladder while officers fire their weapons at him.

batman vs police

The Batcave is still unrefined

Batman is set in "Year Two" of Bruce Wayne's career as Gotham's Dark Knight, so his Batcave is a bit less sophisticated than what we're used to seeing in Batman movies. It still appears to be located under Wayne Manor, with a ramp leading up and a parking space for the Batmobile under a grand staircase. However, the rest of the Batcave appears to still have a fairly basic setup and some general design is missing.

batcave the batman

The Riddle, Or Not?

Fans who were expecting to see Enigma in a green suit and a bowler hat with a question mark may be surprised by the appearance of the villain in the Batman trailer. His costume is a heavy green winter coat and his face is bandaged, with a kind of padding on the head under the mask. He also wears a pair of glasses over the top of the mask. So his appearance arguably more similar to that of another Batman supervillain, Hush, who appeared in a story arc where Enigma played a major role. If The Batman is taking elements out of that comic, we may not actually see the Riddler in the trailer, or it might not even be an adaptation inspired by The Long Halloween as has been rumored, but rather Batman Silence, or a mix of both.

Director Matt Reeves has said that the version of Enigma that Paul Dano is playing in The Batman is one that no one has ever seen before. Dano was cast in the Reeves movie late last year, and the director announced that he would be playing Edward Nashton, although he might be fooling us on this point who knows.


Regarding the role of Colin Farrell's Penguin in The Batman, the trailer has not revealed much or how the dark knight comes to him, although we assume that the investigation of the murder of mayor Don Mitchell Jr. at some point will have some connection to him. classic villain of the Dark Knight, although to find out more it seems that we will have to wait a little longer. | Cinema, comics and series