The Batman trilogy with Christian Bale will have a revival in theaters

The Batman trilogy, starring Christian Bale, will return to theaters after being a huge blockbuster in its time.

Films directed by Christopher Nolan They are reliable parts to which we can always return from time to time. The dark knight It remains current among fans of the seventh art and this particular trilogy is about to return to the big screen. According to a new Deadline report, the three films from Batman starring Christian bale they will be screened in theaters in China and Taiwan in the coming weeks.

We are all aware that the Batman trilogy developed by Christopher Nolan He came to turn superhero movies upside down, always speaking in the best sense. The director gave a more formal tone to the superhero and dared to go further in the field of psychology and social crises, topics that in the 1990s nobody wanted to see in the films of these characters. Great success on your part.

Back to the big screen

The Deadline report notes that Warner Bros. will screen the trilogy of Christian bale in China and Taiwan as an attempt to revive the film industry. Recall that the cinema chains in the aforementioned territories were forced to close a few months ago, but the satisfactory progress towards the exit of the pandemic by COVID-19 is making it possible for people to return to their normal lives. In this way, as superhero fans prepare for the premiere of The Batman, which will also feature a darker shade; You can enjoy this trilogy in the cinema.

With respect to Tenet, the new movie of Christopher Nolan, This has a premiere scheduled for July 17. Fears about the delay of its release are constant, however, much has been heard of the efforts made by the director himself to release his film in a timely manner. | Movies, comics and series