The Batman: Why the new suit is so important to the story

The Batman will present a remake of the Dark Knight as well as a redesigned Bat-suit that reveals a lot about the history of the movie.

The Batman is slated to arrive next year with a whole new group of villains, Robert Pattinson will be the new Dark Knight, and features a new Bat-suit design that reveals a lot about the history of the movie.

Matt Reeves' next reboot is slated for a 2021 release and is said to focus on a younger Batman in the early stages of his crime-fighting career. The movie inspired by the black genre has already managed to generate significant anticipation before its release, even with minimal official information available.

Still, there have been a few constant revelations about The Batman in recent months. One of the biggest ones happened in February when director Matt Reeves tweeted a camera clip so fans could see Pattinson's outfit. The video revealed a more refined and less techy version of the iconic Dark Knight outfit, avoiding the rubbery design of previous Batman movies and hinting at the bold new version of The Batman about the character.

The Bat-suit has always been a focus for fans of Batman movies, in part because it's frankly one of the coolest aspects of any superhero movie, but also because the design says a lot about the story being told. In the case of The Batman, it will show the cape crusader early in his career that he appears to be more concerned with protection and practicality, making use of armor and a hood that appears capable of movement regardless of the suit itself. It's not as stylish as some previous versions, and it's certainly not as intimidating as Ben Affleck's suit in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it is without a doubt a novel version that reveals that Reeves' Batman must be concerned with protecting Gotham from various villains.

Batman v Superman

Since Batman from 1989, on-screen versions of the Dark Knight have tended to advance his career further. Tim Burton's version of the legendary hero debuted in a rubber suit that emphasizes aesthetics over practicality, and this design would remain the inspiration for Bat-suits in the following four Dark Knight films until Christopher Nolan's reboot in 2005 with Batman Begins. And while that particular movie would feature its own rubber suit design, this would be the first time Batman on-screen showed the practicalities of the outfit itself and the materials used to make it. In the movie Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne, he began his journey in the fight against crime and asked Morgan Freeman's Lucius Fox about a kevlar suit, which Fox assures him can protect his user from knife attacks. and "direct shooting" of firearms. This was the first time that the public received a true on-screen origin story for the character, and the tactical suit represented his first concerns about being protected while doing his job of cleaning the streets of Gotham. Nolan would continue with them in The dark knight, when Bruce was looking to increase mobility and embrace armor design.

The Dark Knight Rises

With The Batman, it appears Reeves is delivering a similar version of the character, though rumors have suggested that the film will show a Batman in the second year of his career rather than one that is just beginning. The Bat-suit is a perfect visual representation of this somewhat rookie version of the Dark Knight. A collar covers Pattinson's neck, while the armor and shoulder pads give it a bulky appearance that is clearly designed to protect against all types of aggression. Likewise, the forearm protections revealed in filming photos showing the full suit of this reboot reveal that this is an obvious piece of protective clothing that once again hints at the character's concern to stay safe while settling in. the role of a crime fighter. All of that aside from the fact that the suit itself generally looks a lot more raw and unrefined, just like the young Batman himself.

The bat symbol visibly stamped on the chest is also rumored to be actually a disassembled version of the weapon used by Joe Chill to kill Bruce Wayne's parents. If so, this would be a literal representation of the weaponry Batman worries about Pattinson, embedded inside a suit designed to neutralize the effectiveness of that type of weapon. Literally breaking a weapon and surrounding it with shields would make this particular version of the Bat-suit perhaps the most symbolic on-screen version to date. | Movies, comics and series