The Batman will have a great similarity to The Mandalorian

The Batman, the film by Matt Reeves and one of the most anticipated by DC fans, will have a great coincidence with the hit series The Mandalorian.

Recently, the famous medium The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Warner Bros will use the incredible virtual production techniques of Industrial Light & Magic in The Batman. In this way, the Matt Reeves film will work with great visual effects and virtual animation to finish the film on time. This decision by Warner, caused a great similarity between the film and The Mandalorian, the Disney + series.

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Recall that Jon Favreu was the first to make use of this innovative technology in The Lion King, to later use it in his series The Mandalorian. The visual effects were one of the details that stood out the most in the Disney + series, which became a great success and is about to premiere its second season. A no-minor detail is that the series could be released on time and in order in the midst of this pandemic, due to this technique.

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How will they use it?

This technique is essentially about an LED wall that is driven by the game engine in real time. In this way, “StageCraft” creates environments that move like the camera does, meaning that productions do not have the need to film on location.

As it turned out, The Batman production design team had pre-built practical sets in the UK and an LED wall was built around these sets to allow the use of virtual production in those specific scenes. Recently, it was also reported that Thor: Love and Thunder will also use StageCraft. This information makes perfect sense, as Taika Waititi was able to familiarize himself with and work with this technique in The Mandalorian. | Cinema, comics and series