The Batman will shock all fans

The Batman co-writer, Mattson Tomlin, says director Matt Reeves will “blow everyone away” with the new film.

When promoting your new Netflix movie Project Power, the writer Mattson tomlin has shared some ideas about his work in The batman, promising fans of DC Comics than Matt reeves It will "blow everyone away" next year.

"I owe a lot to Matt Reeves," Mattson Tomlin exclaimed. "He's made me a better writer, pound for pound, and he's going to blow everyone away with what he's doing with The Batman."

In another interview, Tomlin expressed his own love for the great DC Comics hero. "In the case of Batman, I love that character and a lot of people love that character and it comes with a tremendous amount of weight, responsibility and expectation."

"You want to do the right thing for people, there is a lot of expectation with The Batman," he continued. "You want to do something new, but you also want to do something that feels like it's what people expect, regardless of the characters they are."

When asked again about working with Matt Reeves, Tomlin added:

“Matt Reeves is brilliant. The guy is just amazing and I think one of the things that made me identify with him and bond with him as an artist is the fact that he can tell these extremely personal stories on the canvas of blockbusters. " From what you are commenting, it seems that The batman It will be a different film than what we are getting used to but respecting the essence of the character as much as possible.

Recently, there have been rumors that Bruce Wayne by Robert Pattinson will have a schizophrenic personality with a clear division between his two halves, but it is likely that the plans to The batman become clearer once we first see #DCFanDome this weekend. | Cinema, comics and series