The Boys actor wants to play Wolverine in Marvel movies

Antony Starr who plays The Patriot (Homelander) in the Amazon series The Boys wants to be the new Wolverine in the Marvel movies.

Logan (2017) was the last film of Hugh jackman how Wolverine, Disney has since bought FOX and Marvel Studios recovered the film rights to the X-Men. So a new actor will play the moody mutant and many actors want that role. One of them is Antony starr of The Boys.

Thus he explained that he is ready, willing and more than capable of filling the void left by Hugh Jackman to play the new Wolverine.

"There are great shoes to fill, man," he said in a recent interview. “Hugh Jackman has made his mark on that, hasn't he? So I never say never, man, but right now, I'm enjoying what we're doing here. I mean, to be honest and if Wolverine doesn't wear spandex, which is definitely a negative for me. I like the feel of tight pants, you know, if they can squeeze the jeans, maybe. Although if I had the opportunity I would not hesitate ”.

The actor is very focused on the Amazon series.

“I'm happy to be doing what I'm doing, brother, and whatever comes, comes. I appreciate the fans, you know, ”Starr continued. “We have a great group of fans and they are really enthusiastic and passionate, so I love their ideas and their support. I hope you enjoy the second season of The Boys and I am happy that we have the opportunity to do so. The third season too ”.

Actor Antony Starr is still a bit too tall to play Wolverine, but he's shorter than Hugh Jackman. So it could offer quite an interesting look. Although for now there is nothing signed.

The Boys actor wants to play Wolverine in Marvel movies

Hopefully soon Marvel confirm your plans for X Men and choose the perfect actor to play Wolverine. | Cinema, comics and series

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