THE BOYS actor wants to play Wolverine in Marvel movies

The Boys actor, Antony Starr (Homelander), confesses his interest in playing Wolverine in future adaptations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

One of The Boys' stars, Antony Starr, has confessed his interest in playing Wolverine in upcoming Marvel movies. Starr is one of the main protagonists of Amazon Prime's The Boys series, which puts a darker and bolder spin on the classic tropes of being a superhero. In the series, Starr plays Homelander, a superhero or "I knew" as they are known on the show, who has been described as a sociopathic version of Superman.

Starr's affinity for playing superheroes ties in with his interest in Wolverine, an iconic Marvel character known for his X-Men stories and adamantium claws. The character has long been portrayed in films by Hugh Jackman, whose performance in Logan was met with praise by critics and fans alike. Although the world of X-Men has historically remained on the sidelines of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox signaled the imminent arrival of mutants to the MCU. As a result, the character of Wolverine may reappear once more in future films, and the role is now in the hands of any interested actor.

Starr recently sat down with ScreenGeek to talk about the upcoming season of The Boys. When asked which X-Men character he would like to play the most, Starr replied that Wolverine would be his first choice, despite the "big shoes to fill." He continued to praise Jackman's performance and joked that the "Wolverine role doesn't wear spandex, which is definitely a negative."

Despite his enthusiasm, Starr remains committed to The Boys and his Homelander persona. In the same interview, while Starr stressed that while "he would be tempted" to play Wolverine, he also mentioned that "whatever comes, will come." Starr hopes viewers will enjoy season 2 of The Boys series as much as they did the previous one and also welcomed the opportunity to work on season 3. Even though Starr wants to join the MCU, he has had success with The Boys, which received rave reviews in its first season. Even if Starr is not cast as Wolverine, the actor will continue to have a loyal fanbase for years to come given the Amazon original series.

While it's still unclear who Marvel is looking at for the role of Wolverine, an X-Men reboot is rumored to mean the studio will be looking for younger actors. Regardless of how Wolverine's casting turns out, it seems Starr will have to wait a bit longer to see if he qualifies. | Cinema, comics and series