The Boys' Aya Cash knows which X-Men character she wants to play

The Boys star Aya Cash would be willing to play a mutant on the big screen. And you know who you would choose.

It seems that Aya Cash has had a taste for putting herself in the shoes of characters with supernatural abilities. The actress plays Stormfront on the Amazon Prime series The Boys and has other projects in production. But he recently confessed his interest in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and gives the studio a list of characters he would like to bring back to the big screen.

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In an interview with Screen Geek, Cash commented that she would be willing to play another superhero and Marvel is a good option. When asked if she would answer a call from the studio, the actress replied: “Great. Tell them to call me. I'm available". Specifically, the The Boys actress says she would like to be part of the universe of X Men.

“I grew up with the X-Men. So in my fantasy world I would be in that universe, the Phoenix Rising. I would have loved to be part of the X-Men world. And if there is another opportunity, you can contact me whenever you want. "

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To be more specific, Cash has listed the mutants you would like to put yourself in your shoes if given the opportunity. “I would play Rogue, Jean Gray and Beast. My favorite character in the entire X-Men universe has always been Beast. So if they want to do a gender swap… no, they would kill me. It doesn't have to be a gender swap. "

Although they also have special abilities, none of these characters is assimilated to the one Aya Cash plays in The Boys. In the Amazon title, Cash is Stormfront, the new super to join the group and who has a dark past.

Aya Cash is not the only actress in recent months who has shown an interest in joining a possible new adaptation of the X-Men. Recently Luke hemsworth He spoke of his desire to replace Hugh Jackman and bring Wolverine to life.

Marvel sold the rights to the X-Men to 20th Century Fox in the 90s. Fox built an extensive universe of movies about mutants that includes seven X-Men movies, spin-offs of Wolverine and Deadpool and the recent Young Mutants. Despite having a solid universe, the latest Fox installments such as Dark Phoenix (2019) and the aforementioned Young Mutants (2020) did not end up convincing the public and received harsh criticism.

But the rights of the mutants have returned to Marvel through the Fox deal and Disney. Rumors of a reboot of the X-Men universe are strong and Aya Cash joins the list of actors the studio can count on. | Cinema, comics and series

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