The brutal amount of money Christopher Nolan could earn with Tenet

Director Christopher Nolan remains hell-bent on releasing the Tenet movie as scheduled, but the proceeds will also affect what he will earn.

In case of Christopher Nolan's Tenet It is very curious, since since the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus has caused the cinemas to remain closed, it is the only film that has not changed its date. Although it is true that it will be released in July and it will have taken a reasonable time for everything to return to a certain normality. Maintaining the premiere can cause them to lose a lot of money and that will directly affect the director.

In Warner Bros They are so convinced of Christopher Nolan's Tenet success that they will give him 20% from the first gross dollar. Which means that if you make a big box office, you will win a lot of money. You have to remember that his latest films not related to Batman They have been very profitable. Origin (828 million), Interstellar (677 million) and Dunkirk (526 million). Which can cause you to get more than 100 million for your pocket.

Does it make sense to premiere in July 2020?

On the one hand, if Christopher Nolan's Tenet is the first major film to be released in theaters after confinement, it may succeed in attracting many viewers wanting to go to the movies. But it is also true that in summer there will still be people who are suspicious of locking themselves in a closed room with 200 or 300 people who can spread it without even knowing it. That is the reason for so much change of date of so many movies.

Considering that Warner Bros. has invested $ 200 million in Tenet and also has to give Christopher Nolan 20%, it's hard to imagine why they want to keep the date at all costs. Knowing that there is no guarantee that the rooms will be full. In addition, the film studio has commented that they will only be released if 80% of theaters worldwide are open. Something that cannot be confirmed today. | Movies, comics and series