The cinema after the new normality and the new reruns.

After the months of confinement still we are afraid to enter a movie theater but what we don't know is that can be safer than sitting on the terrace of an establishment. This fact has caused uncertainty and insecurity to be the first people to buy a ticket and attend the most anticipated premieres. In addition to this situation, there are the enormous delays in reaching theaters.

In the case of expected end of the Baztan trilogy, will be released on July 24 through Netflix without going through theaters as planned on March 27. "Legacy in the Bones" was for several weeks among the most viewed movies on the platform despite its lower collection compared to "The Invisible Guardian", which touched 3.7 million. This reason has prompted the direct and online premiere of the film. Confinement has also led to the search for alternatives with platforms such as Virtual Cinema Room powered by Verdi and A Contracorriente.

The responsibility for distance lies with the viewer!

"The cinemas that have opened have not been able to hold up well with only 30% of the capacity," says Paloma Fernández, secretary of Avecine. "With phase three, increased to 75%, it does not fix too much if we must continue leaving the separation, because the space is what it is" "Instead of three seats, we have advised that they leave one, normally people go two by two, or three, some alone. It always gives you peace of mind not having anyone next to you ”, he adds. Although with a seat between people, when the meter and a half were not met, the use of masks would be required during viewing. “The story is that popcorn is later bought. It is assumed that in order to eat you must leave at least three seats; We are at that point ”, incongruous, he insists. When the light goes out, full responsibility lies with the viewer's commitment and their willingness to meet established guidelines.

Invisibles, The invisible Man, Bloodshot and Joker, among the most anticipated reruns

Although the main crisis facing theaters is in the great losses of the public, going from 2,000 viewers to 200 weekly, figures that are destroying the forecasts of recent years. That is why, they are returning to emit movies like "Joker"Or"The invisible man”To increase that paltry current figure. In recent years, cinema began to rise with figures of 106 million viewers in one season. For our part we can only resume our great habits and support the seventh art. | Movies, comics and series