The creator of Facebook lashes out at Netflix for documentary on social networks

The creator of Facebook lashed out at the famous streaming content platform, Mark Zuckerberg greatly rejected what was shown in the popular documentary produced by Netflix The Social Dilemma which shows how social networks have interfered with human behavior and how it uses algorithms to control what we see.

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Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear over time that he is not assiduous in criticizing Instagram or Facebook, much less when they come from platforms as large as Netflix.

In a statement the creator of Facebook; Mark Zuckerberg points out that the streaming platform is sensationalist and yellowish, due to what is shown in the documentary, where they accuse social networks of influencing the elections and for sharing personal information of users with marketing companies.

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The Netflix documentary shows the dark side of social networks like Facebook and Instagram, both properties of Mark Zuckeberg, this documentary is related by former workers of these companies and not only focuses on Facebook, but also talks about Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and other social networks.

On the one hand, it touches on the great benefits that the information age has brought to people, but on the other hand it shows how some users show negative consequences such as addiction to platforms and the use of users as a marketing experiment.

Facebook lashes out at Netflix documentary

The Netflix documentary has caused many users to unsubscribe from the social network and have closed their profiles on Instagram, the creator of Facebook accuses Netflix of being a tabloid and detracts from the film since it argues that the information is not verified from both sides, accusing him of being false.

Facebook released a statement that is named: 7 Aspects Why the Streaming Service is Totally Wrong. Where he exposes that all digital platforms make use of algorithms and that Netflix himself also does it.

According to the creator of Facebook, since 2016 improvements have been made to correct errors that have occurred within the company to improve the user experience and protect their information.

It remains to be expected what actions other social networks take against Netflix since its documentary has caused a stir in many social networks.

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