The daughter of a thief (2019), by Belén Funes – Criticism

The daughter of a thief It is a brave film, narrated with great sensitivity and above all, committed.

The daughter of a thief It is the debut of the director Belén Funes (Barcelona, ​​1984). The film was released this year, in the 67th Edition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival, an event in which the leading actress of this film (Greta Fernández), won the Silver Shell for best actress.

Prior to the making of his first film,
the Barcelona director has been making some short films like The useless (2017) or Sara on the run (2015), produced by Isabel Coixet (Miss Wasabi), and
in which Belén Funes already explores the issue of abandonment by a father
To a daughter This short film earned the director the award for best
short film (Biznaga de Plata) at the 2015 Malaga Festival.

Greta Fernández's performance is formidable, giving her character a great emotion.

In the movie The daughter of a thiefSara (Greta Fernández) is reunited with her father (Eduard Fernández), with whom he had no relationship because he had been in jail. Sara's life is not easy: at 22, she has to deal with having a small child, living in foster homes and working hard to get her son forward; In addition, he is the only responsible adult who can take care of his younger brother, who lives in a juvenile center. The reunion with his father relives in the protagonist the painful memory that he retains of him and the old fear he harbors inside of being alone, which will become the main thread of the film.

Sara, the protagonist, is consolidated as an authentic
heroine, willing to give her best for the people she most
He wants his brother and his own son. Sara is overcome day by day, she sacrifices herself, and
everything to not depend on anyone, because he knows that the only person who can
Caring for her is herself.

Greta Fernández's performance is formidable, giving
of a great emotion to his character, making the viewer reach
empathize with her. The moments when father and daughter (both in real life
as in the tape) they appear together, they are the ones that give the film a
Important dramatic burden. Both make up a couple with enormous chemistry,
although yes, very far from what should be a normal relationship between
father and daughter.

Definitely, The daughter of a thief bet to give voice to all those people who struggle to get ahead without having a stable shoulder to lean on. It is a brave, sensitive film, narrated with great sensitivity and above all, committed.

Synopsis Sara's father reappears without warning after being in jail. She will have to face this reunion and keep fighting to get her son and her little brother forward.
country Spain
Direction Bethlehem Funes
Script Belén Funes, Marçal Cebrian
Photography Neus Ollé
Distribution Greta Fernández, Eduard Fernández, Alex Monner, Frank Feys
Gender Drama
Duration 102 min.
Original title The daughter of a thief
Premiere 11/29/2019

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