The day Michael Jackson wanted to play Professor X of the X-Men

A producer for the film X-Men (2000) recalls a surreal reunion when Michael Jackson wanted to play Professor X.

The singer Michael Jackson I was desperate to give life to Professor X in X Men from 2000, and the producer Lauren Shuler Donner now he has reflected on what seems like a strange meeting on paper.

It was not an easy task to put together the cast of X Men In 2000, it was unclear to start with in the film studio if it would be a great success, but a lot of actors and celebrities started calling and meeting with those responsible to be part of the X-Men Universe of Marvel. The two great characters that most attracted attention were Wolverine and Professor X.

Now they have revealed the meeting with the famous singer.

The pop star is reportedly Michael Jackson He walked into FOX offices wearing sunglasses and refused to shake people's hands, but he was eager for the opportunity to take on the role of Charles Xavier on the big screen.

"I said to him: Do you know that Xavier is an older white man?" Remember X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner. "And Michael said: Oh yes. You know, I can wear makeup. "

What followed was an elaborate presentation of Michael Jackson which included the short film Ghosts, in which he saw it, you could see how he put on a prosthesis to play a white mayor in his 60s. The director of X-Men, Bryan Singer, was also at the meeting. But no one really gave the singer any serious consideration for the role.

Another executive commented that: "Michael Jackson was already at the center of all his very sensitive allegations when we were preparing the X-Men movie."

It really would have been crazy if Michael Jackson had been chosen as Professor X in the X-Men movie. However in the end the actor who gave life to the leader of the mutant school was Patrick Stewart, doing an incredible job that he repeated during many more installments of the Marvel characters. | Movies, comics and series

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