The director of Fright Night (1985) shares new details of its sequel

The film will be called Fright Night 2: Resurrection and the director now shares the details of the creative process and the reason for the sequel.

Fright night better known as Night of terror in Spain it was released in cinemas in 1985. The horror movie directed by Tom holland, quickly reached the status of cult ribbon among followers of the genre. In it we are introduced to a teenager obsessed with horror films who convinces himself that your neighbor is a vampire and will do everything possible to discover you. For its part, the study saw a large of keep exploiting success of Fright Night and developed a sequel that failed to live up to expectations. They tried again in 2011 with a reboot starring Anton Yelchin. But the result was no better.

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After 35 years, the director of the original film has decided to go ahead and develop your own sequel of the movie. In an interview with Syfy Wire, director Tom Holland comments that he is already writing the script and advances the title of the sequel, Fright Night: Resurrection. “I'm still trying, I'm writing the sequel to Fright Night now. I'm going to call it Fright Night 2: Resurrection. Well, it's the only way to protect myself. If you want to see something well done you have to do it yourself.

The truth is that the director has not wanted to reveal much of the plot of Fright Night 2: Resurrection. But you can anticipate that we will see back to the most character from the first installment. In addition to the why of the title. “Of course Charlie will be back and so will Evil Ed. I'm going to bring back as many as I can. I'm going to call it Resurrection because we have to resurrect Billy Cole and Jerry Dandrige. And that's all I'll say

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Where did the other Fright Nights fail?

Holland also took a moment to explain Where the 1988 sequel and 2011 remake went wrong. The director says that when I created Fright Night it was a singular idea and if the story were to continue it should not be limited to being in the same universe. What made the first installment special were the horror movies he was inspired by and the thematic thread.

“The Fright Night story was very specific. It's about a teenager with a passion for horror movies who convinces himself that his neighbor is a vampire. True? That's how I was. And he was writing about the movies he loved when he was 15, 16 and 17 years old. And it was the AIP and Hammer Horror movies starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Vicent Price… and that's how you get Peter Vicent, the horror movie host. So I was writing about myself and how I was growing up. And I thought the film was strong and had human values, especially Peter Vicent, the character of Roddy McDowall. The story was strong and vampires were good at it. "

Although Fright Night: Resurrection already has one novel written by Holland, the director is still working on the script. The truth is that he is quite advanced and confesses that has already written 31000 words. And while the sequel is not expected to be a box office hit, it will be interesting to see the creator's vision in theaters. | Cinema, comics and series