The director of Rise of the Guardians wants the sequel

Director Peter Ramsey says he would love the opportunity to make a sequel to the 2012 DreamWorks film Rise of the Guardians.

The movie The origin of the guardians by DreamWorks Animation based on the book by William Joyce came to life in 2012 with Peter ramsey to the head. While the movie didn't do as well as expected at the box office, it has been gaining prominence over the years.

The origin of the Guardians centers on childhood myths such as Jack Frost, Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and the easter bunny. In the movie, Jack frost he discovers that he is a guardian, or a spirit who is tasked with protecting childhood. The motley crew joins forces to thwart an evil bogeyman and discover the importance of camaraderie, courage and faith along the way. Critics called it a poignant story, although since it only grossed about $ 306 million at the box office, the sequel was never brought up.

Peter Ramsey who won the Oscar for Spider-Man: A New Universe reports that he would be more than open to directing a sequel.

Dreamworks and Paramount They haven't been particularly enthusiastic about creating a follow-up to the Rise of the Guardians movie, considering the loss of earnings. However, Peter Ramsey stresses that the sequel is something he "would love to do", especially since he believes the characters "deserve another chance."

While Ramsey believes Rise of the Guardians has been the toughest professional challenge of his career due to the film's box office, he remains optimistic about the experience. More specifically, he says there are "many things he would like to improve on." While he admits that failing at the box office was a hard pill to swallow, he says it taught him that "there is ... more to you than one thing you do." All in all, it appears that Ramsey took the Rise of the Guardians disaster in stride and used the lessons learned to further his career. In addition, he is ready for the second round with the characters he loves, something that will delight fans of the film. | Cinema, comics and series

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