The downside of dating Scarlett Johansson

Saturday Night Live star Colin Jost admits he was concerned about losing his identity when dating actress Scarlett Johansson.

Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson They have formed a stable couple for more than three years and will be married at some point in the future. She is a top-notch action movie star, and he, writer and presenter of “Weekend Update” for Saturday night Live. In a recent interview, Jost admitted that he was concerned during the early days of their relationship of losing his identity as a comedian and writer for the oldest comedy show in the country and instead becoming "Scarlett Johansson's boyfriend" .

"Yes. It was definitely a concern, ”said Colin Jost. "I was concerned about my identity and also about comedy ... So I was always concerned about anything that didn't identify me with comedy."

It was then that he detailed how the duo makes sure to continue doing their thing, including telling a story where he went to a meeting for the cast and crew on Saturday Night Live while Scarlett Johansson was busy with an Oscar pre-party. "You have to maintain your own identity and do your own thing," he added.

The downside of dating Scarlett Johansson

The two began dating in May 2017 and publicly revealed two years later that they were engaged.

Scarlett Johansson's next feature film is Black widow of Marvel studios, probably the actress' last appearance as the character she played for most of a decade. Therefore, for some time you will be more free to decide correctly what steps you will take in your career and in your life outside of Marvel.

So the downside of dating Scarlett Johansson is that it outshines you and in show business, that seems to be quite negative. But it seems that they have been able to get along quite well and the relationship continues very solid. | Movies, comics and series