The fascinating connection between Batman and James Bond

Batman and James Bond have never met face-to-face, but they share a surprising connection that dates back almost a century.

It all started when a young actor had the opportunity to be the first person to play the Dark Knight in live action. Shortly after Batman made his comic book debut, Lewis wilson he was looking to become a movie star. He signed a deal with Columbia Pictures and appeared in a long-forgotten Batman movie.

Released in 1943, in this first live action version of Batman he was also accompanied by his partner Robin, played by Douglas croft. The characters of DC Comics they worked as secret agents of the government. Instead of them facing the Joker or any of his classic villains. In the story, the heroes try to locate and stop a Japanese sabotage ring that planned to turn the citizens of Gotham City into zombies.

Filming was done on a small budget. The production couldn't even afford a Batmobile. That's why Alfred was transporting Batman and Robin in a 1939 Series 61 Cadillac. Also, the crime-fighting couple had their belts, but they never wore them.

For comic book fans, this was the first time they got to see Batman and Robin in live action. The story also introduced new concepts that would become an enduring part of the Batman mythos, in particular, the Batcave.

This is the James Bond connection.

While at the Academy of Dramatic Arts at Carnegie Hall, Lewis wilson (the actor who played the first Batman) met the novelist Dana Natol. The two started dating and soon fell in love. Shortly after marrying, they had a son named Michael G. Wilson. Looking to get more work in the movies, the family soon moved to California. Sadly, Wilson and Natol got divorced shortly after moving west. Wilson continued acting until 1954, when he decided to retire.

Some time after the divorce, Dana Natol met and married Albert Romolo Broccoli. He had produced the blockbuster film The Red Beret, became a mentor to Dana's son, Michael G. Wilson. So he took the teenager to the set of his new movie, Dr. No, the first film based on James Bond by Ian Fleming. Starring Sean Connery As the famous spy, he launched one of the most popular movie franchises of all time.

From that moment on, the life of Michael Wilson, son of the first actor to play Batman, was forever united with that of James Bond. In 1972, he began working for EON Productions in Live and Let Die. In 1977, he received his first screen credit for The spy who loved me. In 1979, he was a producer of Moonraker and continues to produce the Bond films to this day. For what you have worked on No time to die starring Daniel Craig. | Cinema, comics and series