The Flash: Cyborg could appear in the film

With pre-production on the film underway, rumors reappeared about the possibility of Cyborg being part of The Flash, the film to be directed by Andy Muschietti.

We all know the story of the movie The Flash. This tape, which was announced a long time ago, had been pierced by the fracture of the DC Extended Universe, added to a constant change of directors and screenwriters who did not find him heading for the story. However, after several searches and setbacks, Andy Muschietti took command as director. In this way, the Argentine found a more tangible course for the story starring Ezra Miller. And apparently, I could even count on Cyborg!

The Flash It is scheduled to arrive in mid-2022. Although the film did not start its work because several details are still missing, several rumors have already started to haunt. As Warner Bros. searches for a new actress to bring Iris West to lifeRay Fisher would return to this new DC Universe, since according to the latest reports Cyborg will be part of the film. Obviously, Cyborg it would not share a leading role but it would work more to a more secondary role, similar if we want to compare it to the one it had Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman.

It remains to be seen if the actor and his character finally return to this universe, which since the announcement of the Snyder Cut of League of Justice wants to re-emerge as the phoenix.

Will he continue with Ezra Miller?

The Flash is starring Ezra Miller, who already gave life to the famous character in League of Justice. However, several months ago a video came to light that completely complicated the actor and led him to be repudiated on social networks.

In this filming, Ezra Miller he meets a fanatic and ends up grabbing her by the neck, laying her on the ground, while speaking to her in a not very friendly tone and the people who were in the place have to separate them. This video caught the attention of social network users, who asked that Ezra no longer be the protagonist of The Flash. However, the theme disappeared over time and it seems that the actor will continue to occupy his leading role. | Movies, comics and series