The Flash: Grant Morrison Revealed Original Movie Plans

According to the new statements by Grant Morrinson, at first the movie The Flash was going to have a style very similar to the iconic movie Back to the Future.

Before Andy Muschietti took over as director and Christina Hodson wrote the script for The Flash, the famous character's solo film had been set amid a clash of creative visions. The latter anticipated a collaboration between Ezra Miller and the famous comic book writer Grant Morrison to write a draft of the tape, which was rejected by WB. Faced with the situation and in a recent interview with Collider, Morrison revealed the status and content of the aforementioned failed libretto.

In the first instance, he celebrated the work he did together with the young actor and even pointed out that the film would have had science fiction overtones, very much in the style of Back to the Future, one of the most emblematic films of cinema. “Yes, it was pretty good. I mean, I don't know what they're doing with him. But it was pretty good. And he was a very different kind of superhero. It was more like Back to the Future, I would say, than a superhero movie, "Grant Morrinson said of the old Flash script.

Although at first it was reported that Ezra Miller wanted a darker version of the character - while WB opted for a more cheerful route due to the success of Aquaman (2018) and Shazam! (2019) -, Grant Morrison stated that this was not exactly the case and argued the following: “No, it was not really (darker). I mean, the dark elements were there and the material they wanted us to use was Flashpoint. So Ezra and I were trying to make a great sci-fi story. And if you don't know (the comics), it would have made sense. "

The Flash is not known much, except that Andy Muschietti is working fully on its development and how it will be, and that Michael Keaton could be part of the film, something that Jeffrey Dean Morgan laments. | Cinema, comics and series