The Flash: If Michael Keaton does not accept, Christian Bale could be Batman

For several days, a rumor has been circulating that The Flash could have Michael Keaton as Batman. However, new sources assure that Christian Bale could also be an option.

Plans Warner Bros They are doing very well and apparently have big goals in mind. A few days ago we learned of the possible arrival of Michael Keaton how Batman at the DCEU, and now we have news that will drive fans of the trilogy of Christopher Nolan. According to a rumor shared by DCEU Mythic, if Keaton does not accept the proposal, the study could go in search of Christian bale to bring him back as Bruce Wayne in the movie The Flash.

Months ago it was reported that the movie The Flash will be in charge of Andy Muschietti, confirmation that filled with hope all those fans who are excitedly awaiting a solo adventure for the famous Barry Allen. The superhero was introduced to the DCEU with Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justicebut only until League of Justice we were able to see it in action. Although this latest film represented a stumbling block to Warner's record, fans still don't lose faith that the studio is able to fix things.

Will we see Bale?

It seems that the minds behind the movie The Flash They intend to change what we know forever, in a good way we want to think. Given the possibility of seeing Michael Keaton How Batman has caught the attention of fans, and there may even be a chance that the Batman Returns script hole will be fixed. Now the rumor appeared that Christian bale It could be the second alternative in the study plans and the expectations have been raised to the maximum power, with good reason.

DCEU Mythic noted that the conversations between Warner Bros. and Michael Keaton however, if they do not come to fruition, the executives would set their sights on Christian bale. The studio still intends to hire a mature Batman actor, however, it should be noted that they do not intend to get close to Ben Affleck, an actor who long ago claimed to have permanently terminated the character. | Movies, comics and series