The Flash: Jeffrey Dean Morgan spoke about Michael Keaton as Batman

Jeffrey Dean Morgan assured that his possibilities of being part of The Flash were very limited, after the possible confirmation of Michael Keaton as Batman.

Fans of the DC Extended Universe are excited to see The Flash, the new movie starring Ezra Miller. This tape will adapt Flashpoint, one of the most beloved stories by comic book fans. There is a long time ago that Michael Keaton could return to be Batman, a news that moved everyone but left Jeffrey Dean Morgan without the opportunity to be part of the film.

Fans will surely remember that Jeffrey Dean Morgan made a brief appearance as Thomas Wayne in Batman vs. Superman: Origin of Justice. In the film we can see the classic story that gives rise to The Dark Knight after witnessing the murder of his parents by a thief. In Flashpoint when Barry Allen decides to use his powers to travel to the past and save his mother, he completely changes reality in the future, causing a change in the history of the wealthy Wayne family.

In this version, the one who dies at the hands of the criminal is the little Bruce Wayne, with the consequence that the one who assumes the role of Batman is the father of the family, while the mother goes completely crazy and becomes a very sinister Joker. An extremely interesting story to see in the movie The Flash.

Outside the movie

Upon confirmation that the movie The Flash will adapt this story, some fans started campaigning for the studio to bring back to Jeffrey Dean Morgan to the DCEU. However, the actor does not hold out much hope, especially since it was revealed that Michael Keaton is in talks to play the Gotham City bat again.

The chances of reprising the role of Thomas Wayne have been greatly reduced for Dean Morgan, who joked in a recent interview with ComicBook about the fact that Michael Keaton It robbed him of any chance and he hasn't held out hope in the franchise since Zack Snyder left: “Michael Keaton came in and took my chance. Not true, I think that's super cool. Since Zack Snyder left, my whole world has gone with him. However, there is always a chance. So we'll see! " Although the actor may be left out of the film, at least he will be in The Boys 3. | Movies, comics and series