The Flash movie will feature the return of Michael Keaton as Batman

Plot details from the movie The Flash reveal how Michael Keaton's Batman and Flashpoint inspiration will return.

According to the latest reports, details of the Batman return of Michael Keaton to the big screen. The general plot of The Flash will revolve around the Multiverse, with "Bruce Wayne by Robert Pattinson seen as the future of the franchise."

In other words, it seems increasingly likely that The Batman Be an independent franchise, not unlike Joker. In any case, the film of The Flash supposedly you will see the fastest sprinter in DC Comics time travel to avoid the death of his mother. An act that leads to the creation of another universe.

It is the plot of the Flashpoint comic series.

The new reality that will create The Flash (Ezra Miller) is protected by the version of Michael Keaton from Batman, and so much Batman Forever how Batman & Robin they will not be "canon". As if they never existed. So it will be revealed what this Dark Knight has been up to in the thirty years since we last saw him face the Penguin in Batman Returns (1992).

It seems likely that this newly created world is here to stay, especially as it is widely reported that Michael Keaton's Batman will stick around, acting as a mentor to various heroes such as Batgirl.

This would also explain the disappearance of the Dark Knight from Ben Affleckbut will leave the DCEU main with a Batman who has probably retired. It's an interesting and exciting move, but hopefully it won't be messy for viewers. What is clear that they want the film of The Flash alter everything we've seen so far to fit a new universe with heroes like Shazam !, Aquaman, Wonder Woman or Black Adam.

The Flash movie will undoubtedly be the most interesting in the coming years. Hopefully soon they will give us much more information about the plot. | Movies, comics and series