The future of the Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

A stuntman from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series talks about what awaits the Winter Soldier beyond the Disney + series.

Maybe John nania not a name you instantly recognize, but as a specialist in Sebastian Stan (The Winter Soldier), has contributed a lot to Marvel Cinematic Universe over the years. In a recent interview, he was asked how much longer he plans to continue performing stunts.

Having worked in The Falcon and The Winter SoldierNania will surely have an idea of ​​what's coming next for Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier, and hinted at it while answering the aforementioned question.

"I still have a lot to do, and there are still many things I want to do," he began. "I don't think the Winter Soldier has ended up in the Marvel universe, there is still much more to do and I look forward to being a part of it."

John nania He then praised the cast of the recently delayed Disney + television series, and promised that fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can expect plenty of epic action.

“Anthony Mackie (Falcon), Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier), Emily VanCamp (Kate / Agent 13) and Daniel Brühl (Zemo) are great. I've seen these guys actually perform and I mean professionals. When you work with them, you see why these characters are so amazing and we see them in a completely different way. They give a lot of light to this show ”.

"I think when it comes to action," Nania continued. “I've been a part of some ambitious things in the past, but this really could be the most ambitious project I've ever worked on. The Winter Soldier will surprise everyone ”.

This all sounds incredible, and now we are left with hope that Marvel Studios can finish the job on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier so that we can finally see these action scenes for ourselves. | Cinema, comics and series