The Goonies never say "dead"

Thirty-five years after its premiere, The Goonies (1985) continues to be a benchmark of the cinema of the 80s and a great legacy to leave to future generations to learn to fight for our dreams. Today from Cinemascomics We want to pay tribute to this group of young people who stole from us, steals from us and will always steal our hearts.

End of the 90's. The world was preparing for things as implausible as ‘Fight club‘Or‘Matrix', and the "Generation XWho seemed dead since the shooting of Kurt she was still more alive than ever. Society was breaking down out of fear of the new century and what would come next; some for lack of faith, others for love of conspiracies.

Back then, I was coming back from Barcelona sitting behind the driver's seat in a Citröen Xsara gray license plate 1455BP, brilliant at the recent acquisition of a middle-class family. I had spent the whole trip arguing and fighting with my brother, usual thing, while the music of Tow or of Amaral or of Van Gogh's Ear… I do not remember. As always after the family pilgrimage, we order some pizzas at home when we get home to rid “the boss” of an impending anger. The offer included a movie in VHS format and we chose one that had a white pirate skull drawn on a black background with the title ‘The Goonies‘. We thought it would be scary, it had its grace. What I did not know is that in my hands I had the seed of one of my innumerable passions: cinema.

The capitalism that wanted to destroy the Goon Docks

the goonies

The Goonies (1985) is a magical story, from start to finish. Told from that point of view so characteristic of the 80s and with a nostalgic aroma of the usual buddy movies. Who would have thought that the adventure of some adorable little boys lost in a town at the hand of God would be so intoxicating and rewarding?

The Goonies are a group of young inhabitants of the Goon Docks whose life is going to be completely transformed by the purchase of the land where they live. The objective is to make some golf courses, so far everything is correct. A metaphor for the voracious capitalism that devastates everything. It is then that chance leads this group to discover the history of Willy "the One-eyed", an almost mythological pirate who hid a treasure in the depths of that territory. Maddened by greed, Willy closed in on himself and gradually degraded himself to such an extent that he distrusted his own shadow. The money took him, but the gold remained intact.

The adolescent's transformation and fear as time flows.

The group of locals then embarks on a journey to the rhythm of Cindy Lauper, a odyssey by the fears of adolescence and the fear of the passage of time, of change. With family Fratelli as a backdrop and a cute Sloth to represent the equality of the human race, the group of Goonies advances inexorably towards the great truth of life. Overcoming cheating (I said that, cheating!), obstacles, a wishing well and a terrifying piano, the group formed by Mikey, Bocazas, Brand, Data, Andy and Stef (with the comical duo Sloth-Gordi feeding on choooo-coooo-laaaaa-teeee) they cross the threshold of the unknown to plunge into the new water, where a transport awaits them: the ship.

After the fight of forces between the Goonies and the Fratelli, the boys escape without any loot, except for some diamonds that will mean the salvation of the people. The classic Hollywood finale where all the protagonists end up happy and the bad guys receive their punishment sounds like a cliché, but it hides something else. It is not the American dream of comedy or adventure to use, ands the hope of some young people who fight for their life and their future because it is the time they have lived. The triumph of the most purely existential values ​​and the simple metaphor that shouts to the four winds "Don't let the world overwhelm you if you can do it first"

Goonies: Never say die.

All of this is 'The Goonies‘. A gift, without a doubt; a lesson. The learning that I take will be the legacy that I will leave in the future, and although I was not born in the 80s nor am I part of that fifth social that grew up with them, I can affirm without any fear that I am also "Goonie generation" Why am I? Very simple, because the goonies never say dead.


Sean Astin (Mikey) took as a souvenir the treasure map used in the search for Willy "el Tuerto". Do you know what became of him? His mother accidentally threw it away thinking it was a useless piece of old paper!
The movie director, Richard Donner, participate in 'The Goonies‘Making a cameo at the end of the plot. Do you know who it is? The gray-haired sheriff from the last scene!
The makeup of John Matuszak (Sloth) was so difficult to get that it took up to five hours of work. Even his misshapen eye was remotely controlled and the actor had to follow a mental countdown to blink simultaneously with that gadget!
sloth goonies
Richard Donner tried to surprise the cast of ‘The Goonies‘Without showing them the ship until the filming of the scene. The surprise was so shocking and the ship so extremely realistic that the young performers began to drop cleats and rave and had to shoot the scene entirely again.
In the ingenious mechanics that Mikey devises to open the door of his house you can read “Rube G."Do you know what to refer to? It is a mention to Rube Goldberg, prestigious Pulitzer Prize-winning draftsman and engineer and expert in designing devices and machines.
Interestingly, the musical group Van Gogh's Ear He titled one of his albums as ‘Copperpot's journey‘, In explicit reference the explorer Chester Copperpot who went after the treasure of Willy “el Tuerto” without finding success.
Ladies, gentlemen: fasten your seat belts! The anecdote that Gordi he tells the Fratelli about vomitin in the movies was real. Protagonist? Himself Steven spielberg, producer of the film.
Ready to ruin your childhood? ‘The Goonies‘Has a porn version of the movie that is titled‘The Poonies‘.
Goonies cartoonThe Goonies‘Was about to have an animated television series developed by cartoon Network during the 90s. Thank God the idea was drowned in the same way as the following curiosity.
ATTENTION: In one of the deleted scenes, the Goonies have to face a kind of giant octopus that hides near Willy's ship “el Tuerto”. Don't miss the scene with Data doing his thing. | Movies, comics and series