The hidden meaning of The Rise of Jupiter

The Wachowski sisters' 2015 movie The Ascent of Jupiter (Jupiter Ascending) has a very deep esoteric and extraterrestrial meaning.

Although on the surface, the film The Rise of Jupiter It may seem like a simple science fiction story, with a lot of action, a little ridiculous and some decent special effects. There are many more behind, since their directors, the wachowski sistersThey always deal with topics like religion and symbolism in their movies. A very clear example is the trilogy of Matrix. So now we also add occult theories and aliens on top. Which makes it an explosive mix.

Does the movie title have any hidden meaning?

Jupiter jones (played by Mila Kunis) She is a woman of Russian descent, who works in cleaning and who always thinks she has bad luck. But she discovers that her genetic code makes her a long-lost intergalactic royalty. On a metaphorical level, Mila's character appears to represent sleeping humanity, unaware of her interstellar importance. She rejects the meaning of her promising horoscope, where Jupiter is Ascendant (hence the movie title). In an astrological interpretation, an Ascendant planet appears on the cusp of the first house of an individual's natal chart.

Finally, Jupiter Jones wakes up and learns that Earth is a small part of a Universe inhabited by intelligent life and different extraterrestrial beings. She also discovers her own royal status. It then represents the spiritually awakened individual whose inheritance is a divine birthright.

Differences between Jupiter and Saturn.

The planets Jupiter and Saturn have a very specific esoteric meaning in both astrology and the occult. It could be said that they represent the duality of the divine struggle, between light and darkness, between Jehovah and Satan.

Satan = Saturn.
Jehovah = Jupiter.

The perceptions of astrology on the Tree of Life show that Jehovah is the divine Spirit of Jupiter, Jove, the Father of the Gods. Jehovah translates the famous Tetragrammaton, where the Hebrew letters pointing to the throne of Jupiter on the Tree of Life are represented.

The planet Saturn is very important to the occult. A simple Google search will return numerous examples of Saturn worship and symbolism used in the occult, religious, and corporate world.

Originally, Satan was nothing other than the planet Saturn in astrological quality and for the Egyptians it was Set. The Persians, instead of calling it Saturn or Set, called the planet Satan and personified the planet as if it were a person. This indicates that the Persians were the first to invent the personification of what was called Satan. Later, in about the middle of the Christian era, Western mystics, studying various religions, clung to the Persian teachings of Satan and incorporated into the Christian religion. Before that there was no Satan.

After this clarification, let's go back to the movie.

In The Rise of Jupiter, the protagonist is rescued from the intergalactic bounty hunters who were sent to Earth to eliminate her. She is taken from the world to meet the royal family / corporation that rules the galaxy, the House of Abrasax. (Fans of the Dune novels may recognize these very familiar elements, with the royal bloodlines of House Atreides, House Corrino, and House Harkonnen, even the life-extending Spice Melange.)

While Jupiter Jones is the hero of the story, the Abrasax royal family seems to represent the most Saturnian elements in the story. Even one of his many home worlds is surrounded by artificial rings.

Thus, a classic confrontation unfolds, a kind of hero's journey, resembling the astrological and occult influences of Saturn and Jupiter, perhaps illuminating a path that ultimately leads to the spiritual goal often referred to as Ascension.

The "forces of time" play a very important role in The Rise of Jupiter. Because, as one character confesses: "Time is the most precious asset." The prize these aliens fight for is immortality. And the lengths they are willing to go to to achieve it are incredibly sinister.

After clarifying how important the planet is from the movie title, now we have to talk about aliens.

One of the clearest examples of a modern UFO narrative in the film is the stylized depiction of gray aliens attempting to capture and kill Jupiter Jones. In a movie scene The Rise of Jupiter, she is confined to a hospital bed while they attempt to perform some kind of medical procedure, a clear nod to the phenomenon of abduction.

These beings exhibit the ability to hide themselves invisibly, seemingly move through walls, as well as change or alter the perception of a human witness so that they quickly forget what they have seen. These descriptions fit countless stories of alien abductions and shadow government whistleblowers.

The hidden meaning of The Rise of Jupiter

The stories of reptilian beings or serpents permeate the mythology of almost all the ancient cultures of the world. There are thousands of years old accounts that describe these subterranean, terrestrial and extraterrestrial reptiles as some of the most vile creatures in the Universe. They are often portrayed as a cold-blooded hierarchical race of fierce warriors, supreme geneticists, and carnivorous invaders. It should be noted that there are various civilizations that also claim that there are benevolent groups of Grays and Reptilians in the Universe, just as there are both good and bad human beings.

The film mixes many interesting concepts about popular beliefs that can be found on the internet.

Reptiles of The Rise of Jupiter they are portrayed as winged warriors. They serve as advisers and henchmen to the villain Balam Abraxas. Some ancient accounts claim that winged reptilians consider themselves royalty, genetically superior to a lower caste of wingless reptiles. This film chooses to portray both characteristics of the species: the predisposition towards royal bloodlines and an extremely aggressive temperament.

The human extraterrestrials of The Rise of Jupiter, are from the Royal House Abraxas and their servant worlds, supposedly represent genetically superior relatives of the humanity of the Earth. They are practically immortal and have the technology to teleport at will.

These actual progenitors of Earth could be the Anunnaki of Zecharia Sitchin, the Sumerian gods who according to him created mankind. They could be a Nordic race of aliens, the gods of Atlantean legend who were idealized by Hitler's Nazis. Or they could be the 5th density overlords of the Orion Empire / Group, as described in the Ra Material. Various species of grays and reptilians may also be members of this Orion Group, a consortium of self-serving negative extraterrestrials and extradimensionals. The subject of the Anunnaki became very fashionable a few years ago and it is not surprising that there are references in the film.

Stylistically, Abraxas' house bears a striking resemblance to the lords of the alien system from the Stargate movie and television franchise, who adorned themselves with the luxury of ancient Egypt. They also like to pose as gods, using an elite to rule the masses. They claim to have sown humanity and, therefore, according to them they are our true creator gods.

A genetically controlled empire.

Channing Tatum plays the genetic hybrid warrior, Caine Wise, who we are told has a mixture of canine DNA to make him a better and presumably more obedient fighter. Apparently, he also had wings before being kicked out of the intergalactic armed forces. Something like if an angel had lost its wings. Although instead of divine beings, it would be different castes of workers / slaves that in this galaxy are genetically created and maintained.

The Old Testament, for example, speaks of the "Sons of God" who interbred with the daughters of men to create the hybrid race, the Nephilim. 4000-year-old Sumerian clay tablets, found in Iraq in the mid-19th century, tell a similar story. These tablets speak of a race of otherworldly "gods" who brought advanced knowledge to the planet and interbred with humans to create hybrid bloodlines.

For centuries, rule by lineage and genetic inheritance have been of vital importance to royal and aristocratic families, the enlightened elite of our world. It is said: The 44 presidents of the United States have brought European royal bloodlines to power. In addition 34 have been genetic descendants of a single person, Charlemagne.

There is also room for vampires.

At one point in the movie The Rise of Jupiter, the protagonist jokingly asks if the Abraxas are a clan of vampires. This impromptu moment profoundly illustrates the kind of relationship that House Abraxas maintains with the rest of the Universe. Since they literally "suck" life.

The members of the Abraxas House are almost immortal. In the film, we witness how Kalique Abraxas regains eternal beauty by bathing in a miraculous fountain of youth. Later in the movie we discover the horrible source of this precious substance, which they have turned into a galactic cosmetic industry. Ultimately, they harvest humans in order to live forever. So they would have grown human life on Earth for just that purpose.

In fact, this may be the true industry in which planet Earth finds itself imprisoned, satisfying the endless hunger for power of negative extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional entities by maintaining a perpetual planetary state of darkness and fear. Although you can also get the aliens out of this theory and it would work just as well with the elite that rule the world and treat the rest as a simple herd.

The galactic version of the Illuminati.

In The Rise of Jupiter the motto of the Illuminati is repeated. Bottom line: By nature, every society is a pyramid, and elite vampires have the right to occupy the 1% cornerstone.

The God Abraxas (Abrasax, Abraxis and Latin-Afipacrdl) comes to us from ancient Egypt and is associated with the beginnings of Gnosticism, which later would influence many of the first Gnostics who had gone on to form the various Abrahamic religions such as Judaism and Christianity .

The Rise of Jupiter specifically references two closely related esoteric terms that have often been misinterpreted. The title specifically references the concept of a positive spiritual "ascension," while the film's plot gives the related term "harvest" a very negative meaning.

An interesting visual paradox in the film has Jupiter Jones descending from a very high point to participate in a political marriage to Titus, thus ascending the Abraxas throne. The public knows that if he goes through with this marriage to power to prevent Earth from having a harvest, he will eventually kill her.

The hidden meaning of The Rise of Jupiter

Another paradox is that Abraxas Industries only harvests fully developed (and polluted) worlds like Earth. One would think that to create a perfect fountain of youth, one would want to reap a pristine world in perfect health. This is another clue that what is really being harvested is not really life and eternal beauty.

The origin of the term "harvest" probably comes from agricultural metaphors and the Bible.

The term “harvest” regained its new age meaning with the Ra material, The Law of One, channeled in the early 1980s by Carla Rueckert, with Don Elkins and Jim McCarty. Today, the term “harvest” has taken on an increasingly negative meaning on the Internet.


The film The Fate of Jupiter tries in its own way to make us see that humanity is not alone in the Universe, but that we are part of great civilizations that have left us here and that can return to claim their own at any time. This is an idea that many ancient civilizations such as Egyptians, Mayans or Nordics believed and that they embodied in their art. Although today we give different meanings to his work. So in Hollywood there was a certain artistic trend that could be seen in movies or video clips where they hinted that all of this was real. And in the case of this movie, they wanted to mix a lot of concepts, giving a slightly confusing result. | Cinema, comics and series