The internal war between Marvel Studios and Disney to premiere on streaming

Movie studios have a big problem because they can't release their movies and they're delaying all of them or streaming them. This is causing a fight between Marvel Studios and Disney.

A few months ago there were many rumors about the possibility that Black widow It will not reach theaters and will be released directly in streaming because of the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Movie studio experiences are not the best, as Tenet Yes it reached theaters and has only raised $ 323 million, while with Mulan they combined cinema and streaming according to the country and it is estimated that the collection was similar. Therefore, the big films that have to get between 500 and 1,000 million do not want to take risks and prefer to delay the releases. This has caused many problems between Marvel studios Y Disney.

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Last month, it was confirmed that Black widow It went from November 2020 to May 2021. So it will hit theaters as initially planned, but Disney has become more open to launching large productions in Disney +, something that Marvel Studios does not find funny at all, since it considers that the platform is more interesting for its series such as WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier or Loki.

The entire company is being restructured to put a greater focus on its digital production.

That is why more and more movies are coming to Disney +, like Mulan or Soul from Pixar. So the only person currently holding back the arrival of Black widow to streaming is Kevin Feige, the top boss of Marvel studios. In fact, if it were up to Disney, the movie starring Scarlett Johansson It would have already reached the digital service, since they want to change the way viewers consume and they will only achieve it with great films.

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For now, Kevin Feige He is an advocate of the cinematic experience and knows that the pandemic is changing the plans of film studios, but for now he keeps betting because the films of Marvel studios to the movies and then to streaming. This is causing a lot of tension among top executives.

Surely 2021 will be a very important year to see who wins the battle for entertainment and to know if viewers are willing to return to theaters to see Marvel Studios movies or if they prefer to stay home watching the Disney + platform. | Cinema, comics and series