The look of Iron Man and Captain America that has impacted Marvel fans

There were several proposals for a new Iron Man armor and a new Captain America costume that would have been spectacular to see in a Marvel movie.

The stealth suits of Hombre de Hierro and Captain America They are spectacular and the images that we leave you below demonstrate it. Since seeing the two greatest Marvel heroes in black is surprising. Perhaps the only problem that could occur is that it would be a bit difficult to follow the action in a big fight with the characters dressed in black.

The look of Iron Man and Captain America that has impacted Marvel fans

Matt Aitken, Weta Digital's main visual effects artist for Avengers: Endgame talked about the Mark L armor on which this stealthy design is based.

"We have made many Iron Man suits," said Aitken. “In Iron Man 3, there is a wide variety of different outfits that we developed for the movie. But here in Infinity War, and then Endgame, you have the Bleeding Edge nanotechnology you've developed. We originally worked for Infinity War, and that's the idea that the suit is made of these nanoparticles that can form a fluid and move on the surface of the suit, and reform different weapons, and then solidify and crystallize into a rigid metal suit. ” .

"We developed that technology for Infinity War, and then extended it for Endgame for two particular sequences," he added. "There is the fight with Thanos towards the beginning of the third act, where he is generating a device we call Lightning Refocuser, something that can capture the energy of Thor's lightning and then turn it into a super blast of repulsive energy from Iron Man, which he uses to attack Thanos. That was nanotechnology, and we contributed to the design of that particular manifestation of suit technology. ”

Will we see that black armor in the cinema?

Although Tony Stark will no longer appear in the Marvel movies, surely someone will take the baton and be the new Iron Man. So it could give it a personal touch and wear black armor. Also in Marvel they usually rescue discarded ideas or concepts. Especially if they impact so much on social networks.

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