The Lord of the Rings and Avatar 2 can now resume filming

In the midst of the pandemic, there were many series and movies that had to pause filming. But, after a long time, The Lord of the Rings and Avatar 2 return to the ring.

Although many countries continue to cope with the coronavirus, New Zealand leads the way when it comes to recovery. The country had only 1,139 positive cases and 21 deaths. Now they have given the green light so that the filming can be started again. In this way, The Lord of the rings and Avatar 2 they go back to work.

According to Deadline, the New Zealand Film Commission has approved with the government the protocols that the productions must follow to maintain the safety of the workers. Each shoot will have to be registered in a web portal so that they can be tracked. In this portal you can also see what the protocols are like and what measures should be taken in different cases. The protocols have been developed by the state agency ScreenSafe with industry experts and union members.

This means that several important shoots could return to work, such as the case of Avatar 2 and the Lord of the Rings series from Amazon Prime Video. The first one recently showed some photos of their underwater filming but they did not specify a date or place so it could be from before the pandemic forced them to stop filming.

Back to work

As confirmed by the New Zealand Film Commission, there are already filming that have begun to work with this reopening, and in the next few days the measures for the general population will also be relaxed, allowing for example the meetings of up to one hundred people or trips within the country.

As to The Lord of the rings and Avatar 2We will have to be attentive to whether there will be modifications regarding the projects or if starting the work again will benefit them in the future. | Movies, comics and series