The money they ask for No Time to Die to premiere in streaming

The James Bond movie titled No time to die It may not be released in theaters, but it will really be very expensive for any streaming platform.

Those responsible for the film No time to die They have been the first to react to the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Since it was the first film that delayed its premiere for several months, but also seeing the situation they decided to move it again until 2021. But now, things could change radically if they decide to premiere it directly on streaming without going through theaters. Although it is clear that this will not come cheap.

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Reportedly, Apple + took very seriously the possibility of buying the rights to No time to die, coming to offer a sum that would be around 350 or 400 million dollars. However, that was not good enough for MGM as they want around 650 to 700 million. In fact, they even asked for 800 million dollars at some point in the negotiation. The result is that it will probably go to theaters, although they may change the date of April 2, 2021, if they do not have clear guarantees of being able to raise enough.

Curiously, 800 million is the same figure that he had to raise Tenet to be profitable. Obviously in the current situation it has not reached those numbers and has remained at 341 million dollars.

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Why are they asking for so much money?

No time to die it cost about $ 250 million and an estimated $ 50 million has been spent on advertising. Not forgetting that there are a lot of licenses that must be paid to different studios and there are box office bonuses that must also be paid to the leading actor Daniel Craig and the director Cary fukunaga. So, in order not to lose money, they have to get those 800 million at the box office, although only if they go to theaters, since in streaming they would save the distribution and the percentage of the cinemas. Therefore a figure that would be around 400 million would be a good sale.

For now, it does not seem that streaming platforms are interested in spending so much money on No time to die, since for that price, Netflix Makes 6 or 7 big budget movies. | Cinema, comics and series