The new misfortune that Thor will face in the Marvel movies

Of all the characters in Marvel movies, without a doubt one of those who has suffered the most is Thor, but he still has something else to lose.

The character of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has been in a ton of movies from Marvel. From his three solo installments (plus a fourth that will arrive in 2022) to the 4 team adventures of the Avengers. But it must be recognized that since his debut in 2011 many misfortunes have happened to him. Since he was banished and lost his powers, his parents pass away, his brother betrayed him as many times as he died, his sister tried to kill him, he lost an eye, Asgard was destroyed by Surtur in Ragnarok, half of his people were exterminated by Thanos, he had the opportunity to kill Thanos and did not hit the hit, he felt so bad for failing the Universe that he became depressed and lost his form and ultimately abdicated the throne. But he still has a new misfortune that he will face Thor in the movies of Marvel.

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After all these calamities, fans might think that he has to enjoy life and cross the galaxy as the great hero that he is. But nothing could be further from the truth, as reportedly Marvel wants to adapt the arc from the comics of King Thor. This means that at some point you will lose your left hand or arm. It will probably be at the end of Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), a film that is in its early stages of production.

This is the case in the comics:

In the Marvel comic series of Jason aaron, the main character lost his left arm in a battle with Malekith, but presumably won't be responsible for the injury in the movies since that villain appeared in Thor: The Dark World (2013) and there are no specific plans for him to return. However, King thor has lived longer than any other god in history, with the exception of his brother Loki, and this version of the Asgardian ruler is much more tired and cynical than the charming and charismatic portrayal of the actor Chris Hemsworth.

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The new misfortune that Thor will face in the Marvel movies

But yes Thor actually loses his arm in a Marvel movie, the perpetrator of such an act is probably Gorr, the butcher of the Gods with the sword All-Black the Necrosword. A character that could be played by Christian bale, an actor who has already confirmed his participation in Thor: Love and Thunder of 2022. | Cinema, comics and series

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