The New Mutants could be released in theaters and at Disney +

The New Mutants has not been very lucky, but a new rumor suggests that it could be released next month in some countries and on the Disney + platform.

Probably The New Mutants is one of the luckiest movies ever. After endless delays, 2020 was the perfect setting for his big debut. But unfortunately, the pandemic prevented this possibility and even seems to have caused the new release date to be changed again. Now, to this stage the rumor was added that the tape could be released in the cinema and simultaneously on Disney +.

The New Mutants It will follow the story of a group of young people gifted with super powers who are held captive in a secret facility to be studied by the government. The main characters played by Maisie Williams, Blu Hunt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton and Henry Zaga, will face their deepest fears and the great power that lies within. Until now, the film's release date is still scheduled for August 28, but fans have noted the inconsistencies in the advertising.

Will it also come to Disney +?

Last week some fans noted that international marketing teams replaced "August 28" with "coming soon," indicating an absolute delay in The New Mutants. However, the mouse company may have another brilliant plan to get the film afloat amid the current COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Comic Book Movie, two Thai film chains are announcing the release of the tape on September 3. The same situation occurs in Russia and Denmark. If this date is familiar to you, it is because it was used in the supposedly "false" Australian television spot that a few weeks ago promoted a debut of the film on Disney + that same day. The coincidence seems strange enough, but it's probably exactly what the mouse company wants to do: a simultaneous streaming and theatrical release. | Movies, comics and series