The New Mutants could become a trilogy

Josh Boone has all the chips in The New Mutants, despite all the unforeseen events that the tape suffered. Will there be a trilogy?

The New Mutants It is one of the projects that has undergone the most changes. The film directed by Josh Boone It survived four release delays, remember that it was going to hit theaters in 2018, and many changes to studio requests. However, the film will eventually hit the movies, and the director even discussed the possibility of a trilogy. Josh Boone remains optimistic about the commercial premiere of The New Mutants, especially after Disney and Marvel allowed him to release the film as he had conceived it from the beginning, without resorting to the reshoots he had ordered FOX when the film still belonged to that studio.

Recently, the live director assured that he already has in mind everything necessary to turn this film into a trilogy. Apparently, he's just waiting for the movie to hit theaters to see if it succeeds. "Finally, after all this time, I was able to make my own The New Mutants movie, and I'm proud of it," said the director. "What I hope now is that it will be successful enough that the study will allow me to complete a trilogy. I already have everything planned ”, he revealed.

Is it possible?

Given the enthusiasm shown by the entire cast of The New Mutants, led mainly by Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie WilliamsIt would be logical to assume that they will all be back for new stories of the mutants. Of course for now everything is speculation, but if something is confirmed it is that the plans and ideas are on the table and it all depends on the response of an audience that has been waiting for the film for almost two years.

The New Mutants It had a premiere scheduled under the shelter of Disney on April 3, but was postponed due to the crisis caused by the pandemic. Now it has the date of August 28 of this year. | Movies, comics and series

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