The New Mutants: Does it have a post-credits scene?

The film The New Mutants has already been released and if you want to know if it has a post-credits scene, here you will find the answer.

Superhero cinema has accustomed us to having to wait for the credits of all those who have worked on the film to see if they have added anything else. Marvel She often uses these post-credits scenes to advance her future projects. The saga of the X Men they have also used this and that is why it is normal to wonder if The New Mutants has post-credits scenes or not.

The answer is that The New Mutants does NOT have a post-credits scene. We were able to see the film on the day it was released and we waited until the very end to see if there was anything else. So we can confirm that there is nothing. It is quite logical, since mutants leave FOX and now they will move to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making it an end point for a saga that has lasted 20 years. Extending the story with a post-credits scene would do nothing. Although it is clear that the feeling that the film leaves you is that it would be a good idea if they made more films of this group of young mutants. But we know that will not happen.

What is the movie about?

The New Mutants is the story of 5 young people who are locked up in an institution where they are watched to control their powers. Since they can be a danger both to themselves and to others. As the film progresses, they begin to suffer great nightmares that begin to come true. This means that they must develop the full potential of their powers and form a team in order to survive.

The New Mutants movie is very entertaining and action packed, but if you go to see it at the movies you don't have to stay after the credits because you won't find any added scenes. | Cinema, comics and series