The New Mutants spoil the X-Men timeline again

Los Nuevos Mutantes vuelven a estropear la línea temporal de los X-Men

If there is something for which the passage of the X-Men by FOX has been characterized, it is for its disastrous timeline, but The New Mutants finish it off completely.

As a franchise that has been around for 20 years and has had different actors playing the same characters from the X Men, was inevitably riddled with inconsistencies. There were sequels, reboots, reboot sequels, splits, and splits aftermath and as a result, the timeline became so chaotic that it eventually became inexplicable and fans just ended up accepting it instead of trying to make sense of it all. Quite the opposite of Marvel Cinematic Universe that its coherence means that you can watch all the movies in a row and realize that everything makes sense.

After much waiting, The New Mutants it finally hit theaters, and although it is an interesting film, it has fallen far short of the expectations it had created. Since they had promised a horror story with teenagers and in the end it is one more of the superhero genre that will be easily forgettable. However, they have decided to spoil the timeline of the X Men for the last time.

This destroys the timeline of a franchise.

The New Mutants includes images of Logan, which seem to indicate that both films take place at roughly the same time, but the latest Wolverine it's set in 2029. So there's something that doesn't add up. As Josh boone has confirmed that the story takes place today, and the X Men They are mentioned as the great heroes of humanity. Not like they died or disappeared, which is something people already know in Logan. So indeed, The New Mutants occurs much earlier.

Despite this, Moonstar he's still experiencing visions of the facility where X-23 was created, though that hasn't technically happened yet. The New Mutants doesn't even attempt to explain this and just carries on as normal, which is to be expected given the franchise's timeline is a mess.

So, as we have discussed before, it leaves fans with two options again, the first is not to think about it too much and let it go. The next is to give him some explanation that at that time those experiments already existed and that is why he sees the visions. Was the experiment with children created in the future because of the data obtained by The New Mutants? Too many unknowns for X Men, which in a few years will make the leap into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it will be necessary to pretend this reality does not really exist. | Cinema, comics and series