The New Mutants synopsis comes with a big surprise

An extended synopsis of Josh Boone's New Mutants has been released, and it gives us a much better idea of ​​what to expect from the upcoming X-Men movie.

Following the new trailer and opening sequence that recently debuted during the panel Comic-Con @ Home of The New Mutants, now they have shared a synopsis that brings a great surprise since it mentions Colossus. Confirming that the film has more union with the X Men than we expected.

Official synopsis:

The New Mutants is the terrifying action movie based on the Marvel comic series. Five young men who demonstrate that they have special powers are taken to a secret institution to undergo treatments that, they are told, will heal them so that they do not harm themselves or others. These mutants are Danielle Moonstar, also known as Mirage (Blu Hunt), who creates illusions from other people's fears. Rahne Sinclair (Maisie Williams), who transforms into the werewolf Wolfsbane. Sam Guthrie (Charlie Heaton), who, like CannonballIt can fly at high speeds protected by a force field. Roberto da Costaalias Sunspot (Henry Zaga), which absorbs and channels solar energy. By last Illyana Rasputin, also known as Magik (Anya Taylor-Joy) ”.

Colossus' younger sister Magik controls armor at will and wields a soul sword that amplifies her multiple superhuman and psychic abilities. Invited by Dr. Cecilia Reyes (Alice Braga) to share their stories about when their powers first manifested, the New Mutants come to understand that they belong to a class of people called mutants, who have historically been marginalized and feared. As their origin stories revive, their memories seem to become terrifying realities. ”

“Soon, they question what is real and what is not, and it is clear that the institution is not what it seems. Now the question is: Why are they held captive? And who is trying to destroy them? The tension and horror build on this exciting ride led by Josh Boone and co-written by Boone and Knate Lee. "

Despite continued speculation that The New Mutants will be released on Disney +, the film seems to be holding up for its movie premiere on August 28. Could we see a digital same-day release like Bill and Ted Face the Music? It seems unlikely given Boone's recent comments on broadcast rights, but we have to assume that Disney will do everything in its power to get the most viewers on the film. | Movies, comics and series