The New Mutants would keep its theatrical release

And once again, The New Mutants are in the news. After the rumors of its release on Amazon, it seems that the film will finally hit theaters first.

Yes, after all these twists and turns, we see The New Mutants on the big screen ... without a doubt it will be a miracle. And it is that originally the release date of this X-Men movie was intended for April 2018, a day that ceased to be a possibility as a result of Fox's plans, which wanted to return to filming. This return to complete the film with new scenes did not take place and, after the purchase of Fox by Disney, the film was set as one of the releases of the spring of this year. But these plans have been cut short by the coronavirus, which has left its premiere in uncertain limbo.

In addition to all this odyssey, let's not forget the presale appearance of The New Mutants, which has been available for a few hours on Amazon earlier this May. In the end, that has resulted in a system failure that had this pre-sale option scheduled for the digital version of the film, based on its original release date. Still, despite the fact that this direct launch to streaming has been a mistake, many fans still do not believe that it will be possible to enjoy this mutant adventure on the big screen, something that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, if it were in the plans of Disney even though the date has not been set.

A movie with no luck

Rob Liefeld assured that The New Mutants It could be seen in its day, before it became part of the house of the mouse, it was a bomb. “It was shot before Deadpool 2 and next week is two years since the release of this movie. The new mutants were shot before and I don't know what the heck has happened. Now suddenly appears on presale on Amazon? Just launch it! The reality is this: my friends saw it in its day, when it was still missing a couple of effects, and they liked it a lot. Then they removed it from the calendar and then the Disney thing happened, but they told me that it is very good. ” | Movies, comics and series

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