The new version of Los Inmortales is in full development

The film The Immortals (Highlander) by director John Wick, Chad Stahelski, is fast forward and we will be able to see it sooner than expected.

Like John wickThe Immortals movie managed to become a cult movie that was preceded by a full franchise, with plenty of other installments, though each one was worse than the last. They also made television series, one of them animated, as well as a whole universe of novels and comics. Now the director of John Wick, Chad Stahelski, is trying to bring this mythology back to the cinema by restarting the saga. Although the project may end in a television show.

In a recent interview Chad Stahelski gave an update on the status of The Immortals about the movie or the TV show and the news seems to be very good. The director indicated that the project is currently being accelerated, which means that it will not take long to see the new movie.

“We are in heavy development mode with Los Inmortales. Adjust the scripts, write, conceptualize sequences and think carefully about how we are going to do everything. We probably have a lot of things missing, but it hasn't slowed down our development process at all. ”

Obviously, all projects are currently facing challenges due to closures related to the Coronavirus. Although recently the entertainment industry has started to get going again with projects such as the sequels to James Cameron's Avatar or Mission Impossible 7. Hopefully this is not an obstacle for The Immortals.

Chad Stahelski has gained a lot of fame in Hollywood.

Thanks to the John Wick saga of which they will soon make the fourth installment, Chad Stahelski has earned a great reputation as an action director. Not forgetting that he made the best action scenes of Birds of prey (2020) and will also be involved in Matrix 4. That is why it will be so interesting that his movie The Immortals comes out.

The sci-fi action saga has always been known for its epic battles and sword fights, something Chad Stahelski is sure to be able to do perfectly on the reboot of The Immortals. | Movies, comics and series

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