The Old Guard: Will the Netflix Movie Have a Sequel?

A few days ago, Charlize Theron hit the Netflix screen. The actress stars in The Old Guard, a film that could have a sequel.

Friday July 10th arrived The old guard to Netflix, the new blockbuster of the streaming platform with Charlize Theron to the head and that is pure action. Since its release, it has become the most watched movie on Netflix. Surely, if you have already seen it, you will wonder if these immortal warriors have a second round prepared. Well here we tell you what is known so far.

At the moment Netflix has not spoken so there is no official confirmation of a sequel, but the entire team seems to be very much for the work of returning. Director Gina Prince-Bythewood tells Radio Times that “whether the story of The Old Guard continues depends entirely on the public. I know that Greg Rucka (creator of the comic book on which he is based and screenwriter of the film) has always seen this story, when it was a graphic novel, as a trilogy, and the second part just came out. So I know where the story is going and it's pretty cool. So if viewers want it, of course there is more to tell. "

Greg Rucka explains to Polygon that the credits scene is a way of saying “in case of a sequel, break the glass. It is very direct. Do you want another? This way you have to continue ”. In addition, he explains that this scene has an important reason for being: “We wanted to say:‘ look, mythology is bigger than you think. More things are happening. ’ That was something I had no interest in exploring in the comic, but I think when you make a movie you're a little bit more obligated to at least promise answers to the questions. ”

Chiwetel Ejiofor sees many possibilities of a second round with The Old Guard: “I think there is potential (for a sequel) because the main characters and the main idea are fascinating, and can occupy all kinds of times, periods and ideas. (...) I think there is more story to tell. (…) And I think that philosophically there is more to explore about their psychology, and what is the nature of immortality, and how that affects what each one relates to being alive. ” Marwan Kenzari also wants a sequel, but admits that the current world is "complicated" and it is difficult to know when they could get it, but if they do, he wants them to have it. | Movies, comics and series

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