The original ending to the Dark Knight interrogation scene was too brutal for Nolan

The Dark Knight interrogation scene is famous for its brutality, but Christopher Nolan cut off a moment in the end because he felt he was too beastly.

The memorable interrogation scene from The Dark Knight (2008) could have been more brutal than we saw in theaters. Batman Begins (2005) reinitiated the great hero of DC Comics, after an eight-year absence on the big screen. It was the first big box office hit for Christopher Nolan and took the hero to his roots. It also had a spectacular cast with Christian Bale playing Bruce Wayne / Batman, along with Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Cillian Murphy.

A few years later, the sequel entitled The Dark Knight was released, which is considered one of the best movies in the superhero genre. While many fans questioned the choice of Heath Ledger when it was first announced as the Joker... His performance would become iconic. Sadly, Ledger passed away at age 28 before the film's premiere.

The film has left unique moments in the history of cinema.

The Dark Knight purposely keeps Joker's origins secret, with the character fueled solely by causing pure chaos. He also sets out to make Batman question his moral code and is demonstrated in the famous interrogation scene. This comes after the epic chase sequence where the villain and his men ambushed the convoy of Harvey Dent, only for Batman to save the day. Dent and Rachel Dawes are kidnapped shortly after, and Batman confronts the Joker in the interrogation room to find out his location.

It is one of the key scenes in The Dark Knight, with Joker teasing Batman all the time. Which leads the hero to brutally assault the villain. Joker wants him to know that his brute force is worthless in this situation and that he has no real power, but he finally reveals the location to force the hero to make a difficult moral decision. The moment ends when Batman drops the Joker, but we almost see a much more violent moment.

The director revealed that the Dark Knight interrogation scene ended with Batman kicking Joker in the head after learning of Rachel's location.

The director cut that moment because it was too intense and because it felt "too brutal" for Batman. The Dark Knight was noted for being violent although he showed little blood. Also, the original montage of the film featured Lau (Chin Han) burning on top of the pile of money that Joker burns later in the film. But this was also trimmed as being too dark. | Movies, comics and series