The original title for Independence Day was going to be very different.

Bill Pullman convinced director Roland Emmerich to give the movie Independence Day (1996) a better title.

A key scene in Independence day, is when the President of the United States played by Bill Pullman He gives an epic motivational speech to the pilots who have to give their lives to defend the little that remains of humanity standing. After that battle and thanks to the intervention of Steven hiller and David Levinson, to those who gave life Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, the Earth was saved.

The star Bill Pullman said in an interview that this scene also changed the title of Independence Day with his speech, as it motivated Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich to choose what the movie would be called.

After filming, they showed the scene to Bill Pullman. This is how the actor explains it: “We filmed it and a couple of nights later, Dean came to my trailer and said:‘ Do you want to see it? … So it appeared on the VHS, showed me the cut of the speech and I said: “Holy Mother, you have to name this movie as Independence Day! And they did it. "

The 20th Century Fox film studio was pressing for it to be called "Doomsday". The title of Independence Day has more logic, since everything revolves around that day from the beginning, since they announce the date at all times and also in the scene of the speech it says the phrase: “Today we celebrate our Día de la Independence!". Without forgetting that they want such an American celebration, now it will be worldwide.

What title do you like best for this Doomsday or Independence Day movie?

With the sequel they did not have the same success.

Independence day in 1996 it raised more than $ 817 million worldwide. Years later there was always talk that they wanted to make a sequel, but we had to wait 20 years to see Independence: Counterattack (2016). This story was much worse and there were some of the best characters in the first installment. At the box office it only grossed 389 million worldwide. It also caused them to not finish the trilogy. | Movies, comics and series