The Passion of the Christ 2 will be the greatest film in history

Actor Jim Caviezel read the script for director Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ 2 and says the film will make history.

Mel Gibson wanted to tell in 2004 the last days of Jesus Christ in a realistic and really shocking film. It was also a brutal box office success with more than 611 million dollars and that only cost about 30 million dollars. Now we have been listening for some time what they want to do The passion of Christ 2 and it seems that the leading actor of the first installment is very much in favor of its coming true.

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Jim caviezel (Person of Interest) has provided more information about the project and said in a recent interview that The Passion of the Christ 2 will be "the most important film in world history." He also revealed that it will be titled The Passion of Christ: Resurrection and stated that he has read the third draft of Mel Gibson.

The world is very different in 2020 than it was in 2004.

While tolerance for violence and disruptive content has increased, there is less acceptance for material deemed offensive or insensitive. It is difficult to imagine the reception that The Passion of Christ 2 would have in the current climate. With that in mind, it seems unlikely that the sequel will become "the greatest movie in world history." Although if Mel Gibson is behind everything is possible.

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What will the movie The Passion of the Christ 2 be about?

According to the gospels, after Jesus was buried, he was resurrected after 3 days. After that he came out of the tomb and appeared to his disciples. Although at first it did not seem recognizable, it did have a physical body, ate and spoke. After forty days, he ascended to heaven and sat at the right hand of God.

So The Passion of the Christ 2 should deal with those forty days from the resurrection to the ascension. Something that surely would be very interesting for Mel Gibson to tell in a movie. | Cinema, comics and series

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