The Predator movie that would have saved the saga

La película de Predator que hubiera salvado la saga

There was an idea for a Predator movie that they never made that would have taken the sci-fi franchise to where it deserves.

The movie Predators of Nimrod Antal 2010 was a modest success, but it was not taken into account for the next installment of the saga, Predator of Shane black of 2018. The details of the plot of a continuation of the film of Antal They stand out for giving a much more exciting premise, which would have given the series a unique twist on the franchise.

Predator of John McTiernan 1987 is an alluring action / sci-fi hybrid that was a huge box office hit. Starring Arnold schwarzenegger In a huge moment of popularity, he used the Aliens template to attract a diverse audience in search of emotions. Schwarzenegger played the head of a paramilitary team sent to Central America on a hostage rescue mission that faces an alien who has come to Earth to hunt humans.

In 1990, the film of Stephen hopkins, Predator 2, but featured a separate story from the original. Taking place 10 years after Predator and centered in the city of Los Angeles during a heated gang-related turf war. Without the presence of Schwarzenegger's character or the exotic jungle setting, the main attraction of the film became the predator itself, again played by stuntman Kevin Peter Hall. Although the sequel was a modest success, it would take another 14 years for another Predator movie to be released. In 2004, Alien vs Predator, a showdown hinted at in the '90s sequel, was released, followed by a direct sequel in 2007 called Alien vs Predator: Requiem. While those movies were popular enough at the box office, they received very poor reviews.

When nonconformist filmmaker Robert Rodríguez announced that he would produce a more faithful sequel to the original, the news was met with enthusiasm.

The resulting film, Predators, was a return to the direct-action template of the 1987 production. The plot revolved around a group of trained assassins who had been kidnapped and sent to a jungle planet for the purpose of being hunted by the predatory species. While director Nimrod Antal's film was well received by fans, it did not reach the success of the general public. A direct follow-up, which was conceived by Predators co-writer Alex Litvak. He would have focused on the survivors Royce (Adrien Brody) and Isabelle (Alice Braga).

Litvak described his idea as “Die Hard on a Predator ship”. The concept would have seen Royce and Isabelle captured by Super Predators and brought aboard their ship. The two would come out of their confinement and attempt to take control by turning their captors around and hunting them down. Predators 2 would have offered a unique twist on the series and would have opened up the predator universe. It would also have allowed the franchise to go in a variety of directions, including further exploration of its home planet.

What audiences got instead was Predator (2018), an unrelated follow-up that featured another variation on a group of soldiers fighting predators on Earth. While that film, directed and co-written by Shane Black, had a decent box office, its spin-off plot and action characters didn't do much to add to the predator myth. It also introduced a story about the predator species that wishes to improve itself using human DNA. Although a sequel to that 2018 film has yet to be greenlit, it would be interesting to see what Litvak's ideas might be for another predator hunt in space. | Cinema, comics and series