The prequel to The Prophecy (1976) will tell the origin of Damien

If you have seen the film The Prophecy (1976) you will know that Damien was the true antichrist and they intend to tell us his true origin.

Supposedly the planned prequel to the horror classic The Prophecy (The Omen - 1976) It had been shelved after Disney bought Fox, but it appears the project may still be underway. During a new interview, the writers Chad and Carey Hayes (The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2) indicated that this movie could still be released.

"We did the prequel to The Omen, which is also on Fox, which is rumored to be going into production." Chad said in a recent interview. "So we'll see what happens." Carey added: “We have a chance to tell you where Damien came from. It was really fun. That was great".

What is the original movie about?

As anyone who has seen the feature film of Richard Donner 1976, a boy named Damian was adopted by the diplomat Robert Thorn (Gregory Peck) when he was a baby and only began to manifest demonic abilities at the age of 5. His father was Satan and his real mother was a jackal, so any kind of story about the character's origin should be… Interesting.

The prophecy is about the birth of the antichrist, which can be interpreted as the son of a powerful politician, such as Robert Thorn, who will grow up to become a world leader of great influence.

The movie The prophecy was a great success, since with a budget of just 3 million dollars, it got to raise more than 60 million. So up to 3 more movies were released. There was also a remake in 2006 and now they are ready to tell the origin. Will we really see the devil begetting a child with a jackal?

It was said that Antonio Campos (Christine) was going to direct the prequel in 2016. But even if the project finds a new life at 20th Century Studios, it's unlikely that it will still be together. | Cinema, comics and series