The real reason Ron Perlman didn't come back as Hellboy

Ron Perlman was offered to return as Hellboy on the character's reboot, but he decided to decline the role and it was David Harbor who brought him to life.

Guillermo del Toro took care of the first two deliveries of Hellboy which premiered in 2004 and 2008, although they were not blockbusters, they had a large fan base calling for the third installment. That in the end never happened and they decided to restart the character. So Ron Perlman gave way to David Harbor.

In a recent interview promoting Run with the Hunted, actor Ron Perlman commented on the real reason he didn't return as Hellboy.

"The only thing stopping the third Hellboy movie is the fact that Guillermo del Toro is one of the busiest guys in the business." The actor commented. “He couldn't do it with all the things he has lined up, even if he wanted to. The two films had nothing to do with each other. "

“The reboot was something that I had the opportunity to participate in and decided that the only version of Hellboy that I'm interested in is the one that I do with Guillermo and, therefore, when I walked away from her, I really walked away. So I didn't see or hear much about it, "added Ron Perlman. "I wished them well, but it was not on my radar."

If it had returned it would not be a restart.

We don't know when exactly it was offered to Ron Perlman the opportunity to come back, but it's definitely interesting that the studio initially wanted him back as Hellboy. Although in the end they decided that restarting was a good option, but the end result was disastrous. Receiving very low marks from the critics and only grossed 44 million worldwide. Much less than the previous two installments.

Hopefully in the future they give the character of Hellboy, since his comics are still very popular. | Movies, comics and series